Dark Mind (Dark Mind, #1) by Matthew Goldstein

Dark Mind by Matthew GoldsteinSynopsis: Cole has the power to prevent tragedy. To use it, he must listen to the mysterious voices in his head. All he wants is to enjoy his time with Amy, but the voices make it impossible. The consequences of this ability are getting more personal. Now it seems that someone is watching. If he isn’t crazy, then what’s happening? And will he find a way to protect those he cares about most?

Review: Dark Mind is a well-done debut effort by Matthew Goldstein.  Though only a high school student, Cole’s left with a huge responsibility that most adults couldn’t manage.  He can prevent tragedy, but it’s a constant game of chess to determine if the decision is the right one. If he can prevent a tragedy, it comes at a price elsewhere, namely to those he loves.  This give and take leaves him conflicted and leaves the reader wondering what he will choose, and the outcome is not predictable.

All in all I enjoyed the novel.  It looks to be the start of a new series, so I would like for future novels to elaborate further on the paranormal aspects of the story.  Some sections felt a little too contemporary.  The cover is really cool.  I like that the style is a departure from your usual photoshopped covers with models or flashy text that comprise most of the covers this genre.  I’m definitely looking forward to a sequel.

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