• Power Rangers – Old School Concepts Meet 2017
  • Beauty and the Beast – Tale as Old as Time
  • Dark Mind: Book 1 by Matthew Goldstein giveaway ends this friday!
  • Lucifer on Fox – Anybody else watching this one?
  • Author Interview with Matthew Goldstein and Dark Mind giveaway!

Dark Mind: Book 1 by Matthew Goldstein giveaway ends this friday!

  Hey everyone! We just wanted to let you know that our giveaway deadline for TWO trade paperbacks (limited printing!) of the first book in the Dark Mind series by Matthew Goldstein for TWO winners is this Friday, February 17th at 9pm! Please check out our interview with Matthew about his books here! Giveaway Guidelines: As mentioned above, we will be giving away TWO trade paperbacks of the the first book in the Dark Mind series! The giveaway…


Lucifer on Fox – Anybody else watching this one?

  Any fans of Lucifer on here?  I feel like the Urban Fantasy contingent would definitely love this one! The mid season finale just aired last night.  I’m gutted that we’ll have to wait until May, but I’m super excited that it’s been renewed for 22 episodes! It’s addictive, it’s fun, it’s funny. Tom Ellis is amazing in this role and I adore the cast as well.  Fox is so…


Author Interview with Matthew Goldstein and Dark Mind giveaway!

Hey everyone! I wanted to introduce to you a new up-and-coming Paranormal/Urban Fantasy author Matthew Goldstein! Fandom Fatales had reviewed his first book of the Dark Mind trilogy in the past and Matthew kindly took some time to answer some questions now that he has completed his trilogy. Matthew has been writing since he was little and has a very deep and unique perspective on creativity and finding inspirations as a writer….


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – A new, new hope?

Finally, the much anticipated Star Wars prequel hit theaters this December, satisfying fans’ appetites for a deeper look into the events that led to the Resistance acquiring the plans for the dreaded Death Star. Let me tell you that I’m a big Star Wars fan. When I was little, I was obsessed. I loved the Ewoks, had a Star Wars toy collection, my brother and I would pretend to shoot…


The Drafter (The Peri Reed Chronicles Book 1) by Kim Harrison

A million things have been going on lately, but that certainly doesn’t mean I love reading my books any less.  I’ve been trying to gear up for the new Kim Harrison release “The Turn” and in the process I wanted to catch up on her other series.  I read The Drafter a little while ago but in preparation to read the second book, I figured reviewing my thoughts on this…


Playdead’s “Inside” – A Monochromatic Masterpiece

  Finally, game developer and publisher Playdead gave their fans a unique experience reminiscent of the developer’s famed Limbo which released in 2010. When I had played Limbo years ago, I was extremely impressed with the creativity and uniqueness within the gameplay, story and art direction. Being a game developer myself in the artistic discipline, I found experiences such as Limbo refreshing and inspiring. Playdead’s new title, Inside, which I…


Suicide Squad – Fun with Flaws

For the year of 2016 you certainly won’t hear anyone say we were short on superhero movie entries. If anything it’s made fans as divisive as ever when it comes to the DC v. Marvel v. … Marvel rivalry (yeah, I’m looking at you Fox Marvel and Disney Marvel). One would think there’s enough room for everybody. But maybe there isn’t with underwhelming grosses of these supposed blockbusters, showing signs…


Jason Bourne – Honk if you’re Bourney

If the franchise was coming to an end, it certainly wasn’t going to be with Legacy (Jeremy Renner’s installment).  Jason Bourne is back and maybe better than ever in this beloved action espionage franchise.  Though it’s not my favorite franchise, I’m always willing to catch a Bourne flick. While not a popular opinion, I actually enjoyed Legacy quite a bit. I thought I’d heard talks of their being a film…