Dark Mind: Book 1 by Matthew Goldstein giveaway ends this friday!

February 14, 2017

  Hey everyone! We just wanted to let you know that our giveaway deadline for TWO trade paperbacks (limited printing!) of the first book in the Dark Mind series by Matthew Goldstein for TWO winners is this Friday, February 17th at 9pm! Please check out our interview with Matthew about his books here! Giveaway Guidelines: As mentioned above, we will be giving away TWO trade paperbacks of the the first book in the Dark Mind series! The giveaway…


Dark Mind (Dark Mind, #1) by Matthew Goldstein

Synopsis: Cole has the power to prevent tragedy. To use it, he must listen to the mysterious voices in his head. All he wants is to enjoy his time with Amy, but the voices make it impossible. The consequences of this ability are getting more personal. Now it seems that someone is watching. If he isn’t crazy, then what’s happening? And will he find a way to protect those he…

September 30, 2013