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  1. Hi Erika, How have you been? I noticed you seem to be keeping yourself busy these days. Your website/blog is doing well and you have kept it steadily going. That’s great, even though I’m sure you have good and bad days.
    I thought I would check in and let you know I made another purchase for Ever After. I previously got the audio book from Audible. The first of the three purchases were pre-ordered. I got the audio book midnight of the 22. I got a signed copy from Nicola’s. The third book I got for my daughter through a book club I’m in. It was the cheapest out of them all. It was a buy one, get another free. I paid $10 dollars for it and I also got my daughter her own copy of Beautiful Creatures, that was my freebie. I have my own copy but I’m picky about my books. I was happy that every book I got were hardcovers. I’m still waiting on my free book, Ever After. My fourth purchase was a Nook book for a buddy read with Yaz. I was going to lend it to her but she was able to get hers in the UK now. I may see if I can get a refund. That’s my update. I purchased the book four times.

    1. Hey, Angela! Super busy these days. But it’s awesome to know you’re so on top of Ever After! I bought Pale Demon 3 ways myself, lol.

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