Milo 2.0 by Debra Driza – A tentative start but it gets better

First off, I want to thank you all for being patient while I try to work out a couple of snags with my site’s transition.  Things aren’t perfect quite yet, but I do have a new review ready to go…finally

If you’re a fan of films like Robocop, Artificial Intelligence and Bourne Identity then Milo 2.0 Mila 2.0, debra drizamight be right up your alley, only with a young adult flavor thrown in.  This new series centers on Mila, a seemingly normal teenage girl whose world is turned upside down after a freak accident reveals that she’s not quite human. In fact, she’s a cyborg military experiment, removed from their clutches to prevent those with ill intentions from doing more harm than good.  With her identity revealed, she must go on the run with her “mom,” one of the engineers who fled with Mila, making tough decisions that cause her question whether she’s truly more man or machine.

I think I read this book at the right time. I was looking for something a little different from the usual urban fantasy or contemporary series.  I am a fan of sci-fi stories and this is very well done for young adult genre.  I think Debra Driza is positioning herself well, carving out her own little niche in the YA realm.

The book starts off with the typical day in the life of a teenager, so it was a little slow for me.  I don’t read YA very much anymore because I no longer find the high school thing very interesting, and those I do read have little to none of that element.  However, it has its place here in the story because the reader is allowed believe in Mila as a normal teenage girl.  She’s very emotional and when she learns her true identity and purpose it’s very easy to sympathize.  This technique (though in reverse) reminded me of Artificial Intelligence and how Haley Joel Osment’s character was handled.  I may have cried during that movie and I go on record to say that I am NOT a crier!

I did think it was a little ridiculous that the military would design a teenage cyborg for the purposes of infiltrating groups and gathering intel as opposed to an adult, but I let it go.  If you start reading the book and are a little disenchanted with it keep reading because the action really does pick up.  I was on the edge of my seat with next to no idea of what would happen next.  I found Mila to be easily likeable and though she may not be a human girl, she’s still a “real” girl to me.  While a next book is definitely obvious, I’ve read worse cliffhangers so don’t let that dissuade you. I’m not sure if this is an ongoing series or a trilogy in the works, but I’d like to know what happens next and that’s always a good feeling to have at the end of a book. I recommend it.

*ARC provided by publisher.

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