Guest Post – The Missing Angel by Michelle L. Johnson

MichelleLJohnsonSomething that people may notice while reading Divinity is that while there are seven Archangels mentioned, there are actually only six who appear in the book.

I had toyed with the idea of Lucifer being the seventh, just that he’d been outcast and is no longer part of the Divine world. But I think when Lucifer gets outcast he is no longer a part of the Divine system either.

So where is the seventh Archangel, and who is it?

Her name is Hephastiel (pronounced Heh-fah-stee-el). She’s a blacksmith and a loner. She doesn’t consider herself part of the flock even though that tie has never been severed. She has some anger management issues, possibly due to the one half of her right wing not working, and that is why she claims to hide away – to spare the others her ire. But she hides only from the other angels.

She is an amazing craftsperson, and often drops down to earth to walk among the humans. Everywhere she goes the arts flourish and one can see her influence in many museums, famous chapels, symphonies, and more. It may very well be that when artists refer to their muse, Hephastiel has been around.

In the sequel to Divinity, Hephastiel will have a role of grave importance.

If I were to cast a movie star to play Hephastiel, I would choose Viola Davis.

viola davis

Of course, she wouldn’t be on the phone in the book, but she’d probably have that look right there on her face. At least, she would if she were talking to Gabriel. But that’s their story to tell…

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