Giveaway! Chained by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampires #2) by Larissa Ione

Synopsis: Leader of the vampire clan MoonBound, Hunter will do what he must to save his people from extinction – or worse, a torturous eternity as vampire slaves and subjects of human experimentation. To keep his enemies at bay, he has agreed to mate a rival clan leader’s daughter in return for peace between the clans and an ally in the looming war with the humans.

But survival comes at a price. First, Hunter must break an ancient curse by successfully negotiating three deadly tests. Then he must resist the searing passions of the gorgeous vampire warrior he despises but is bound to mate. Will Hunter stay true to his word? Or will he risk everything for the woman he really loves: the vampire seductress’s identical twin sister?

Review: Bound by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampire, #1)  was my first foray into the writing of Larissa Ione. I was familiar with a few of her other established works (Demonica and Lords of Deliverance to be exact), but this series was attractive since I could start from the top and not get too behind.  I enjoyed the first one more than I was expecting to so I was really looking forward to this one.  Overall this was another entertaining entry, but I did miss some of the wit and humor found in the first one. This was more angsty for sure.

We learn more about Hunter’s character as he takes center stage, but Ryker and Nicole are still integral characters to this plot.  I wasn’t totally sure how I was going to feel about the twin sister fiasco. It sounded too much like a text book soap opera storyline, but it wasn’t so bad. It’s still not my favorite way to go about things, but it didn’t ruin the story.  There was this one scene that totally reminded me of Beauty and the Beast and I found it thoroughly enjoyable (it’s one of my top 3 Disney films if you didn’t know that about me ~_^). I found some side characters a bit more interesting than the main couple, but the good thing about these books is that those characters will get central focus in future entries.  Ione has certainly piqued my interest there.  So with that said I am looking forward to the next one. I wish these were published twice a year instead of once.  Overall the world is pretty interesting and there’s still a lot more to explore when it comes to the the dynamics between humans and vampires.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Larissa Ione. I’ve only read a few of her books but I’ve had her books on my to read shelf for ages

  2. I’ve been an huge fan of Larissa for a LONG while now, her Demonica series were one of the first PNR series I read (been hooked ever since). Her books are unique and keep surprising you every time!
    (would love to win the hardcover!!)

  3. I’m a big Larissa Ione fan. I enjoy her characters and their interactions with each other, and the stories are amazing! I’d love to win the hardcover.

  4. New reader,but my sister has read Larissa Ione books and she really love her books,and I plan to start with reading her books,this series sounds very good,unique,plus paranormal romance and I love to read PR 🙂

    Already follow via e-mail,already liked Facebook Page,also already follow on Twitter and shared on Twitter! 😀

    My choice:Hardcover

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway 🙂

  5. Love all of her books! My favorites are the Demonica books; the demon doctors are just a great story. I can’t wait to read this one 😀

  6. I haven’t read any of the author’s books but I love your description and it makes me want to read this book to check out her work.

  7. I haven’t completed a series yet, but I’ve begun (and enjoyed) the first book or two in both Demonica and Lords of Deliverance. I need to read more of her stuff! And, I would SO enjoy another hardcover to grace my shelves… and stroke… and sniff. Since I’m a book huffer and all.

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