The Hollows – The Undead Pool Cover Reveal

The Hollows Insider by Kim Harrison - Harper Voyager

Or maybe I should say the lack thereof? We saw A Perfect Blood’s cover sometime in July, Ever After’s probably wasn’t far off either, but Kim has been giddily keeping it under wraps. This post has me curious too.  So, what’s the hold up? Do you think maybe Trent will be on the cover this time?

In other news, if you still don’t have The Hollows Insider, the paperback and ebook are now available, and the moon still glows in the dark! (well, for the paper one anyway…):

I’m curious as to how the graphics would show up on an e-ink Kindle myself.  It certainly added to the experience for me.  It’s one of those instances where I prefer a tree book. But  maybe I’ll try a sample just to compare.

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    1. I think I remember hearing her say there would be blue involved. But I’m tired of waiting, I want new Hollows already!!

  1. Oh that was just mean!! I thought maybe you had some inside info for us. Oh well. I guess we just have to wait like everyone else. I’ve got the hard cover of the Insider signed by Kim but I am dying for the cover reveal. Blue will be a new color for the covers. Wonder if there is any significance to that?

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