Vampire Academy Movie Trailer is out!

I’m sorry but this looks like a hot mess.  It doesn’t capture the feel of the books at all and if that’s Dmitri…I’m just all kinds of meh on this one.

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    1. It’s a shame. I mean, I know movies are impossible to get right in our minds but they have to at least try a little harder!

  1. I have not been hearing very good things about the trailer from all over the book world. Someone had made a comment about it looking like a preview for a show on the CD, I think she nailed it. I thought the casting was way off and was hoping that the movie would be so good that I could look beyond that, it’s not looking good, I hope it doesn’t join the ranks of Beautiful Creatures and The Host, they were not good but o loved the books. The Mortal Instruments on the other hand, I think, looks amazing, loved the book. I guess we’ll all see when we get to see the movie, but for now, if the trailer are the best parts, were in trouble.

    1. I figured you meant the CW. I don’t even know if it’s that level. Though Twilight’s first movie was pretty bad too (though I only watched through the second one and then I gave up, just not a Twilight fan). Mortal Instruments actually does look better to me as well. I started the book but I never finished. I may try to finish before seeing the movie. I have screening passes for it next week so I’ll see how it goes. But it’s release date (late August) suggests it’s probably not THAT great. We’ll see.

  2. I think it looks horrible! I wish they would be true to the books if they are going to make them into movies. The books did well for a reason, don’t fuck with a good thing. I wonder when the movie industry will learn.

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