Baywatch Review

May 29, 2017

When presented with the opportunity to watch The Rock and Zac Efron running around in swim trunks for 2 hours, what is my response? Sign me up! Celebrated and revered lifeguard Mitch Buchannon (played by Dwayne Johnson) has to manage his relationship with Matt Brody (played by Zac Efron), a brash new recruit who happens a be an Olympic Champion that has fallen from grace, as they discover and investigate…


Central Intelligence – Non stop laughs!

As a former victim of high school bullying, Bob Stone (played Dwayne Johnson) has made drastic changes to his life.  Now a lethal and incredibly fit CIA agent, he ends up seeking help from his former classmate and ally Calvin Joyner (played by Kevin Hart) to stop a plot that could put the whole country at risk.   Review:  Though the quality of the comedy in this movie doesn’t necessarily…

June 17, 2016

Memorial Day Movies – Sequels, Sequels, and more Sequels!

If you live in the US we’ve got a pretty big weekend coming up.  I got the chance to screen a few new films. Fast & Furious 6   Agent Luke Hobbs enlists Dominic Toretto and his team to bring down former Special Ops soldier Owen Shaw, leader of a unit specializing in vehicular warfare. If you’re a fan of the franchise (especially Fast 5), then I don’t see why you…

May 21, 2013