Lucifer on Fox – Anybody else watching this one?


Any fans of Lucifer on here?  I feel like the Urban Fantasy contingent would definitely love this one! The mid season finale just aired last night.  I’m gutted that we’ll have to wait until May, but I’m super excited that it’s been renewed for 22 episodes! It’s addictive, it’s fun, it’s funny. Tom Ellis is amazing in this role and I adore the cast as well.  Fox is so touch and go with me as they give me really good shows and then take them away.  I’ll remain forever salty that Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled. I also loved Almost Human and they dropped that too, much to my dismay…and on a cliffhanger.  But it seems like there is finally a good fit with this supernatural police procedural. Considering the more recent failures of supernatural shows about the divine such as Constantine and Dominion, I wasn’t sure if this one would make it.  I was really into those shows as well, so I didn’t want to get too attached to this one if it met the same fate, joining them in tv hell. But for the moment it looks like I can sit back and relax.    

For my fellow Hollows fans, am I the only one who thinks he’s the perfect personality for Al? If I did a reread it will be his face I picture.  That remains one of the hardest characters to translate to another medium for me since his personality is so dynamic, but I have faith that if The Hollows were to ever see the silver screen, an actor with skills like Tom could pull it off and give our favorite demon the right kind of life.

I also have to give a lot of props to Leslie Ann Brandt. I was first introduced to her during the first season of Spartacus on Starz.  She played one half of my OTP from that show, Crixus and Neavia.  This role is such a departure from that character, but I love both of them. It’s a testament to her fantastic acting abilities that she makes me forget all about her other roles.  The series is so good that I’m considering picking up the comics, but I wonder how much different the show is from the source material.  More often than not it’s much different and not always for the better.   In the meantime, I am definitely enjoying the show and I highly recommend it! I have to DVR most of the shows I watch, but I make time for Lucifer every Monday at 9pm.  

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  1. I love Lucifer, and can’t wait for its return in May! I agree, Tom Ellis would make an excellent Al. Rufus Sewell would be fine also. Lucifer is perfectly cast. I enjoy all the supporting characters, especially Maze. 🙂 Lucifer and Good Behavior are my two favorite new shows of the season, and I’m so relieved they’ve both been picked up. I still miss Almost Human and Constantine.

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