Release Day Giveaway! Autographed Copy of The Witch With No Name (Hollows, #13) by Kim Harrison

So this is it! This is where we say goodbye to The Hollows!  And I have given away a copy of every new book since I started this blog so why in the heck would I stop now? You know I loves to spread the Hollows loves and feels! Don’t forget to check out my review and Kim’s exclusive Your Urban Fantasy Q&A! Also make sure you’ve voted on my poll to choose your favorite Hollows book!

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The giveaway will run from 9/9/14 – 9/21/14. Good luck!
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  1. Good, I can’t believe it is ending, I am not prepared. This is by far my favorite series and I am going to miss everything but mostly Jenks, Trent, Al, Rachel, maybe even Newt and their world. This is the best world building and character development ever. I am going to miss it but I still haven’t read the last one.

  2. I am so sad to see this series end because I am going to miss Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, and Trent. This series is the first urban fantasy series I read, and I am so glad that I found this genre.

  3. I haven’t read this series yet but have some of the books so that I can start them soon.
    Liked your review and commented as Merri House which is also the name I review with.
    Thanks 🙂

  4. I love this series so much. I know all good things must come to an end, but I really wish they didn’t have to. What the heck am I going to read now?

  5. I am so excited to see how this ends, but sad that it has to end. I’ve been following this series for years.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway- I was never able to make it to a signing. I’ve been following your blog for a whirl so I can only imagine how bittersweet it is for you to see it end (or to have seen it end).

  6. Im going to miss everything! I have really enjoyed learning more and more about the world and about Rachel. The character development has been so enjoyable to witness, from Rachel, Trent, Al and Ivy. I will miss Jenks’ jokes. So excited to see what happens!!

  7. I am so excited for this bittersweet book. I didn’t read any of Kim’s “teaser” chapters beforehand just so I could prolong my reading/listening experience. I have enjoyed the series even more since discovering your blog. Thanks for all of it!

  8. There are so many things I’m going to miss about this series. Kim Harrison really brought all of her characters to like and they wormed their way into my heart…. even Al!! I have loved to watch/read as the relationship between Rachel and Trent has developed and I’m going to miss Jenks and his HUGE family *sniffle*

  9. I’m going to miss the characters from this series the most! This was the first Urban Fantasy books I had ever read and it opened up a whole new world for me.I’m actually putting off reading the last book because I don’t want it to be over. I am interested in what Kim Harrison has for us next.

  10. Will miss absolutely everything about this series. The depth of characters, the inter-species interactions, Rachel’s internal monologue. Kim has created a world that allows you to totally submerge yourself, a way to escape your daily routine, & a place to envelope yourself in complex otherworldly emotions. Most of all, I will miss Algaliarept. He has perfected swearing to a fine art. Mother pusbucket, hard to believe it’s all over.

  11. I will miss Kim’s writing style. There is only a couple of authors I have read to the end or over 13 books. Kim has made memorable characters I am going to miss, but I can always reread the series. 🙂

  12. I´m going to miss everything, Jenks, Ivy, Trent & Rachel, even Al *sigh* and all the trouble Rachel always managed to get herself tangled with .. Oh, and Binks! and the church. And her kitchen!!
    I´ll reread this series, for sure.
    Not joining in the contest, =) I bought my own autographed copy.
    Happy Tuesday!

  13. I’m going to miss Rachel – what an amazing female character who is three dimensional, awesome, funny and has so many strengths. But most importantly, she is a character who has weaknesses, understands those weaknesses, accepts them and builds off of them. She is like every other flawed human out there which is amazing to read.

  14. I’m going to miss the Ivy-Rachel-Jenks friendship. They are so great together 🙂
    Oh and Rachel and Trent obviously.

    I liked your review on amazon. I have you on facebook and twitter also. And tweeted 🙂

    1. I probably didn’t need to tell you that I liked your review and the other stuff. I hadn’t filled out the rafflecopter thing yet. oops.

  15. i don’t want this series to end either, I love K.Harrison’s writing and esp the humor it really makes the whole series. to all my favorite characters, I will miss u 🙁 but winning anything from your giveaway would me monumental for me!

  16. I just started buying up this series so I could devour it one after the other. I read one or two books and loved them, then got buried by review requirements (though I still need to write those reviews) and haven’t finished reading or buying the rest of the series. I’m sad. I liked this series. It seems I find a series I really like and it ends before I really quite even know it began…

  17. I cannot believe it’s ending. I hooked my mom on the series while she was here. She read up to A Perfect Blood in two weeks and is working on the last two now.

  18. I’m going to be in major withdrawal after this series is over! I’m going to miss Jenk’s and Rachael’s relationship the most.

  19. I will miss this series and I am finding it hard to get enthusiastic about reading the last book because I know that once I do, that’s it!

    1. I first started this series using my public library. I was so lucky I could read the books that already back to back. I’m going to miss the fun and adventure!

  20. Really looking forward to this – one of my best friends got me hooked on this series. (She gets the autographed copy if I win.) (Maybe after I read it. Ha.)

  21. Argh! Post office tried to deliver my copy today and it’s back at the P.O. Until tomorrow now! I need to read this. In the meantime I’m obsessively checking out everything spoiler free that I can find. Love your write-up. I’m glad The Hollows love led me here!

  22. I do not want this series to end I have never read a series start to finish but this. And I plan on making it to your tour in Birmingham on the 17th (my birthday present from my sister)!

  23. It’s hard to pick what I’ll miss the most about this series. Everything about it is so great. I guess it’s the characters most, and second being the world / alternate reality Kim Harrison created.

  24. Forgot to say what I’m going to miss most – Rachel. Full stop. Ivy’s sexy dangerousness, Jenks’ swears and Al’s snarky meanness.

  25. Going to miss the whole world of the Hollows! I think I will miss Jenks & Al, almost as much as Rachel. Somehow you took a horrid demon and made him kinda sympathetic. Amazing story telling. Sorry it’s over. Fascinated to see what comes from Kim Harrison next!

  26. I abso love this series….gonna miss rachel…and her scooby gang…. and wondering what jenks and trent will be up to next….

  27. I can’t believe this is the end. I don’t really know which one is my favorite because they all are to be honest. I really loved it when Jenks became big. I felt that story was especially a treasured one. I have all the books on the Hollows, except for The Undead Pool and of course this one. I own the series and the audiobooks. I don’t know but for anyone out there who’s listened to the stories it’s a totally different experience. Marguerite Gavin brings the characters to life and her voice for Jenks is by far my favorite. I guess if I had never saw the sale on Audible pf.Kim’s first book to this.series I wouldn’t have found this genre. I use to read stories by two authors, Patricia Cornwall and James Patterson. I’m thankful that I found Audible and Dead Witch Walking on sale for $4.95. That was a great day when I listened to that story and Kim changed my ideas of stories. I must say that I no longer listen to anything by those authors that I used to love. Kim opened that door.and I am hooked on all types of fantasy genres and even YA books. I will truly, truly miss the gang but I kinda hope that maybe they’ll pop back in from time to time in a short story. I just know that anything that Kim Harrison writes will be a masterpiece. I love her other stories as well and if you haven’t read/listen to Kim’s other series you really should. I’m already sad but I know that she’ll write another awesome series. She’s one hell of a lady. Thank you Erica and Kim for this awesome giveaway.

  28. I started reading this series when I was 16. It has really given me something to look forward to over the years and I am really going to miss Jinx’s commentary.

  29. I am going to miss living vicariously through Rachel. She always finds strength to do what needs to be done no matter how hard it is or how much she thinks she can’t do it. She inspires me daily

  30. YES! So glad you are doing this giveaway. I enjoyed your review so much. I’m very glad to see that you think it’s well wrapped up. That’s what I have seen so far in the early reviews, and I’m looking forward to it so much. SQUUEEEE 😀

  31. I think Bis needs a little story, going to miss that little guy he is so adorable. ok ok yes we are sad to see this end we fell in love with all the chars and wished Rachel and Triston got together permanently…then we have Jenks ohh my this is a hard and sad good bye.

  32. I’m going to miss Rachel, her strengths, her sense of humor, her growth and her family of choice. It’s been a wonderful ride – thanks, Kim.

  33. I’ll be missing the yearly installments of the latest adventures and all the various details about that world, really. That sounds better than saying “everything”, right?

  34. It is bitter sweet. I will miss this series. I will carry the characters with me and forever curse “Tink’s a Disney-Whore” oh it’s going to be hard to read it knowing that this is the last.

  35. I am going to miss the Hollows! But I love Kim and look forward to reading all that she writes in the future. I will miss Jenx Rachel and Ivy! What a great team they were.

  36. I can’t get the Rafflecopter to work. I’ve been trying forsince I received the email about the giveaway. Even the form that you fill in when a rafflecopter doesn’t work wouldn’t go through either. Is anyone else having trouble with the Rafflecopter? I also tried on several different devices. I entered two other giveaways and I didn’t have any trouble with the Rafflecopter on those, only this giveaway. Normally if you are able to submit that there’s something wrong it will still give you the credit or points you need but since I wasn’t able to submit the form, letting them know that I’m having problems I won’t receive any points letting them you know I did everything. You can easily check on Twitter and other places to see I’m doing it.

  37. I will forever miss this series–then again, I’m re-reading it. No regrets. Plan to buy every single book, too! (Only missing the last three, for now.)

  38. I can’t believe this series is ending! My favourite by far. Rachel feels like a good friend at this point but eager to read the last book 🙂

  39. 🙁 Am going to be so sad when this series ends. It will be like missing family. I will most definitely miss Rachel, Jenks, Ivy and Trent and even Al. To be honest I will miss everything to do with The Hollows. This series has gotten me through some trying times in the last few years.

  40. I’m going to miss this the sparks that fly between Rachel and Trent. I will also miss one of my favorite side characters, Jenks.

  41. I’m going to miss Rachel and ivy, and there fun relationship together. I’m also going to miss Al, which is weir I know. Thanks for having this giveaway hun:)

  42. The only good thing about a series like this ending, is that we’ll get to see what new worlds she’ll imagine and share with us.

  43. I am going to miss the entire world of the Hollows. I read lots of urban fantasy but I love the characters in this book and the setting. I love the dynamics of the pixies, vampires, witches and demons. It is very unique compared to other books. Also I will just miss the characters. I have been reading this series for years.

  44. I love this series – I will miss the entire cast of amazing characters, but I have them all and will re-read them over and over.

  45. I love the world of the Hollows and I am really going to miss Rachel and the crew!

    And thank you for all you info about it and all your effort to organise these giveaways!

  46. I really want to read Witch with no name and continue the story, but if I do, it will feel so final. I can’t believe this is it-the end!! I know I will shed a few tears before I even start the first page. 🙁

  47. Jenks is my favorite and has made me laugh out loud. All I have to say about finishing the last book (which was awesome), “crap on toast”, I miss them already.

  48. I can’t believe the series is ending. I’ve been trying to stretch the last book out. I just don’t want to let go. I can’t wait to get my book personalized on Thursday.

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