HELP! I need questions to ask Kim Harrison!

Hi guys! So on Monday I’ll be attending the Kim Harrison Q&A  in NYC! If any of you are going just let me know! I love meeting you guys at these things! But yeah, I need to figure out questions to ask her.  I read so much of what she says and other questions that she’s answered that I can’t really think anything up at the moment. So if you won’t be able to attend or have attended and forgot to ask her something, please comment below and I’ll see what I can do! And if any of you’ve read The Undead Pool by now I’d love to hear your thoughts!

She has a signing tonight in Pittsburgh that will be streamed live starting now!

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  1. question : Trent and Rachel will have more lovey dovey scene ?… because they don´t have too many … I want more about them together .. so many book .. and I want more TRENT AND Rachel .. .:D

    1. She doesn’t normally give spoilers so I didn’t ask this, but I get the general feel from her that they will. More magic next time would be fun!

  2. Rachel has so much pain and loss in her life. When you were developing her character from the beginning, did you originally plan to have things go so rough for her, or did the character demand something more as the arc developed?

    1. It wasn’t the original plan but she does have a cruel streak. And if Rachel is making too many good decisions its hard to have a good story which is why things turn around the last books.

  3. What made you decide that spells that changed the body would “restart the clock”, thus allowing people (demons, Jinx, etc) to theoretically live on forever (citing no life ending debacle)?

    1. She includes a little bit of herself in everybody. She also refers to the Myers Briggs personality tests a lot to get a send of what the characters would do in certain situations. And if they deviate from what they’d normally do she’d have them explain why.

  4. How are ayers and Kisten related, you should really give us the story behind that. Also, what’s with the demon/witch/elf sex? Why. Does Trent keep saying “ow ow ow”? Enquiring (and slightly deviated) minds want to know. And a big Thank you for continueing to write!

    1. I didn’t ask her this personally, but I believe they breed sort of selectively and that’s generally why they are all very attractive. He might even be a distant relative of Kisten. As for Trent’s ow ow, remember when Rachel did it with Pierce in Black Magic Sanction (book 8) we learn because male witches aren’t very endowed, the ladies have those muscles that contract to help hold it in. The better the sex the longer the hold.

  5. I am sure that most of what I want to know will be in the last book, so no questions. However after reading the book, I have to say it is my favorite although I was sad at the end to see Trent have to lose so much to get what he wanted.

  6. In The Undead Pool, was Harrison trying to draw a parallel between the Trent-that-was vs the Trent-that-would’ve-been? David says that Rachel steered Trent in a different direction than he’d been headed. Is that sneaky elf (I can’t remember his name) what Trent would’ve become w/o Rachel’s influence?

    1. Good question, Jessica! I couldn’t ask it because that was probably a book spoiler and she wasn’t doing spoiler questions. But you should definitely ask her this if you get the chance!

  7. I would love to learn about Rachel and Trent’s time together at camp as children. The time was very important and Rachel cannot remember it due to her medical treatments.

    I love Undead Pool and am so happy Rachel and Trent can finally be happy. I too only wish Trent did not have to lose so much.

    Will we learn more about the sex slave thing Al talked about?

    1. I would too like to learn more about camp but I think Kim isn’t a fan of going back in time.

      We might learn more about that in the last book. I didn’t get the chance to ask her, sorry!

  8. Hey Erica! I drove out and went to the Pittsburgh signing. I’m sorry I won’t get to see you in NYC and get you to sign my Into the Woods. Hopefully next year! I wanted to ask Kim but forgot: Will the two worlds collide? It was always mentioned in the earlier books, especially as a legal binder, but the last few not at all. Have a great time and safe travels!!

    1. Why did Al’s blue butterfly chrysalis cause an explosion when he found out about Rachael and Trent and why is it black now?

    2. Hey Keeley! Wish I could have seen you! Hope Pittsburgh was fun though! I think Kim did say she would do something with the two worlds colliding!

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