Flash Poll Results! ARC-apalooza Problems Solved!

Thanks everyone for voting at the last minute to help me decide.  I also appreciated the comments which I took into strong consideration. But you have all voted pretty definitively and the winner is….

The good news is that I think I can potentially knock out two of them this week, perhaps all three. I started Mercy this morning and I expect things to get pretty juicy and unputdownable.  You can track my reading progress and comments here:


The bad news is that this will pile up my review queue fairly quickly, lol.  There are still a couple that I need to get out of the way first, lol.  But it definitely won’t be tonight! Gotta do runnin’, readin’, Almost Human-ing, Sleepy Hollowing, and Teen Wolfing!  I think I’ll be DVR-ing one of those 3 to watch later this week.  And I might just tune in for the Ninja Warrior: US vs. Japan thing tonight.  There are but so many hours in an evening!