Cheap Recommends (4 of 4) – The Girl From Yesterday (The Blood Dynasty Chronicles, #1) by David L. Dawson

If you’re up for a new YA series, there are certainly worse ways to spend 99 cents.  I actually quite enjoyed this novel, though I will admit there were some similar themes between this one and another one I read almost directly after it.  Though I liked both, I don’t think I’d read their future books back to back because I feel like I’d mix up the stories.  The cover is nice departure from the usual urban fantasy/paranormal style (and it actually reminds me of one of my favorite novels as a kid with the redhead and floral backdrop), but the story certainly isn’t.  The writing could be stronger, but the story is interesting enough so I will keep up with it. If you don’t want to spend the 99 cents and you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get it for free as your book of the month! You can find it on Amazon.

The girl from yesterday, the blood dynasty chronicles, david dawson

The planet Stoker was once home to humanity. Now it is ruled by vampires, thriving in their new utopia. The surviving humans are used as slaves and are taught that they are inferior beings.

Ashlyn Fountain is brought out from cryogenic suspension in the year of 1005. She is bought as a slave by the wealthy Sublime family and given as a maid to Vienna, their eldest vampire daughter. Ashlyn quickly comes to realize that vampires are monsters, even the handsome Jensen Sublime, who bears a remarkable resemblance to the hero in her favorite vampire novel.

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