Review: Lightbringer Carries Dark Themes

Young Adult paranormal fans, specifically those who love ghosts, may want to consider checking out K.D. McEntire’s debut effort,  Lightbringer.  Wendy is a not-so-everyday teen with a peculiar six sense; she can see ghosts–ghosts of the Never to be exact–which consist of children who’ve died too young. Not only can she see them, but they know she can and so they seek her out routinely for help.  Only she can bring them to the other side, setting their souls free.  However, evil is universal and her efforts put a target on her back from darker forces, so she may have to watch out to make sure she doesn’t end up in the Never herself, or worse…

Overall I thought the idea of the book was pretty solid. There are many mythological references which were actually quite nice to read about.  McEntire appears to have done some homework.  It definitely encompasses the YA coming of age element, but it’s not too focused on high school drama which just doesn’t interest me whatsoever and often turns me off from picking up YA titles these days.  While it was a solid read, I think I was expecting a little more tension than I felt as I actually read the book. It starts off really well, but I think it becomes more character driven as opposed to action packed.  It sort of slowed down for me toward the middle and then picks up again towards the end.

I love great villains and I must say that this villain, the White Lady, kept me fairly enthralled.  It’s not quite as easy to predict what her plans and motives are, so I found myself looking most forward to those scenes.

This is the start of the series, so there are a number of roads the subsequent books can take as Wendy realizes her heritage and her destiny.  Though YA, this series has a darker air about it, so tragedy could become a mainstay.  Death is pretty much the center of this story after all.

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