Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review

May 26, 2017

Old ghosts come back to haunt our favorite Captain Jack. To survive their wrath, he must team up with the son of some old friends and a mysterious and beautiful astronomer to track down the Trident of Poseidon.   It’s been 14 years since Disney re-introduced the appeal of Pirates to the audience on the big screen. Now with the fifth and final entry to this multi-billion dollar success (at…


Movie Review! The Lone Ranger

Native American warrior Tonto recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid, a man of the law, into a legend of justice.  I’d like to think that remakes are a great way of introducing a new audience to an age-old, but beloved franchise.  I personally didn’t grow up watching or following this show, but I knew a few things about it.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this film did the franchise…

July 2, 2013

Dark Shadows Movie Trailer with Johnny Depp

The trailer was recently released for the film: The TV show was a bit before my time, but the movie looks like it will be very funny with the “fish-out-of-water” approach.  Johnny Depp is such a versatile actor that he can handle any genre. I’ve been a fan of his since I can remember and that he is FINALLY portraying a vampire makes me very very happy! Talk about LONG…

March 17, 2012