The Drafter (The Peri Reed Chronicles Book 1) by Kim Harrison

November 7, 2016

A million things have been going on lately, but that certainly doesn’t mean I love reading my books any less.  I’ve been trying to gear up for the new Kim Harrison release “The Turn” and in the process I wanted to catch up on her other series.  I read The Drafter a little while ago but in preparation to read the second book, I figured reviewing my thoughts on this…


Interstellar is Stellar!

Hey guys! My review can also be found at The Grand Shuckett for this film. A vulnerable earth with its people on the brink of extinction leads to a group of NASA explorers seeking out a newly discovered wormhole to find the next best viable planet for the people of earth. What I Liked: The best part of this film for me was that I went in with fairly low…

November 3, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014! Part 1 – Wednesday/Thursday

Instead of one massive post about the best week of the summer, I’m going to split it up this time.  Yeah, this might be an old hat for me but every year there is something new to do and something cooler to experience! We got to stay at the Hilton Bayfront this time around. This hotel is a little more out of the way but it’s one of the main…

August 1, 2014

San Diego Comic Con – Full Report with Celebs, Pics and Video! And…Giveaway?

Post by Your Urban Fantasy. Short list of celeb run-ins and spottings: Manu Bennett Olivia Munn Teen Wolf Almost Human (Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, etc.) Psych cast members Anne Rice The Walking Dead Big Bang Theory The Following (with Kevin Bacon) Chris Evans Samuel L. Jackson Neil Patrick Harris Hi everyone! So I recently returned from San Diego for Comic Con and I have to say it was my best…

July 25, 2013

Angelopolis (Angelology #2) by Danielle Trussoni

Synopsis: Hailed by USA Today as “a thrill ride best described as The Da Vinci Code meets Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Danielle Trussoni’s bestselling first novel, Angelology, wove biblical lore, the Orpheus myth, and Milton’s Rebel Angels into a present-day world tinged with the divine supernatural. The novel plunged two endearing loners—art historian V. A. Verlaine and Evangeline, a beautiful young nun—into an ancient battle between a secret society…

March 11, 2013

San Diego Comic Con 2012 (Friday) – Report, Pics, and Vids

While this was a Robert Downey, Jr. impersonator, the real RDJ was there. So I’ve been holding off on this for a little while, but I guess I should get going on my reports! I would make one big post, but I think I will break them out day by day. I’ll try not to make it too long, but there is no experience like San Diego Comic Con.  This…

July 27, 2012

Human Sister by Jim Bainbridge – Not what I was expecting

I was hoping for a bit more than I got with this book.  The perspective primarily focuses on Sara Jensen, a young teen girl who has lived a sheltered life, becoming an experiment of her grandfather as she is used to create an android. Though the world has been populated with thousands of these beings, this new android, Michael, grows and develops by being directly tied to her experiences.  This…

June 10, 2012