Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood #2) – Slowly but surely catching up

I finished the first book of this series, Dark Lover, without really understanding what the fuss was all about with this series. I was told to keep reading so I did.  J.R. Ward’s Lover Eternal is definitely an improvement, though I’m still not in love with the series yet. Each book focuses on a specific character.  This installment centers on Rhage, the most beautiful yet cursed brother of them all…

February 13, 2012

Black Dagger Brotherhood 1 – Dark Lover – Better Late Than Never!

Soooo, I finally decided to dive into the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.  With so many people faving it I couldn’t go wrong, could I?  The first book kicks off primarily focusing on Wrath, vampire “King” of the Brotherhood.  With their race dwindling, it’s up to him to lead a small “special ops” group of leather-clad and dagger-wielding vamps in their war against a formidable brood of vampire hunters.  He’s blood…

September 23, 2011