Deadpool – Superhero movies may never be the same!

I was looking forward to the chance to really get to know this character. I admittedly don’t follow the comics, but you’ll be hard-pressed not to spot a Deadpool cosplayer at any anime or comic convention you attend nowadays. He’s beloved for all the right and wrong reasons by fans.

After finding love with a woman who is the “right kind of crazy” for him, a mercenary (played by Ryan Reynolds) is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Out of options and out of money, he undergoes risky experiments in a shady organization that result in curing the disease and giving him superhuman powers to boot. However, the side effects result in leaving him deformed. He has no option but to assume a new alter ego, Deadpool, so that he can track down the one responsible to fix what he’s done.

What I Liked:

Right off the bat this film’s opening scene tells you what you’re in for. The inside jokes that break the fourth wall were some of the best moments. It caught you off-guard, but in a good way. I think this will be Stan Lee’s most memorable cameo, hands down. It’s pretty awesome to realize what you can do with a superhero franchise when you change that pesky rating. I liked that the film didn’t pull punches. If you’re in the mood for something grittier thank your usual PG-13 film then this one speaks to those wants. The action goes a little farther, the dialogue is more risqué. It’s film for adults, definitely.

What I Didn’t Like:

I like Gina Carano. She’s my ideal choice for Wonder Woman since she could bring more physicality to the role with her MMA skills. Though that ship has come and gone, it’s nice that she was able to carve out a piece of superhuman pie for herself on the big screen. I thought she was underutilized though. And I would have liked more involved fight choreography with her too.

I found myself asking what the budget was. There were times where it was apparent that they cut corners because they were working with less money. The movie constantly takes a self-aware approach so I think it confirmed my thoughts. An R-rating limits box office earnings potential, however this is a test to determine if there’s a place in Hollywood for an R-rated superhero. A good box office will signal yes. Hopefully a bigger budget and a great script can come with the sequel. It has potential to go in a good direction that can solidify the franchise for years to come.

Overall: I think Marvel has a winner here. The movie is a stand out in the MCU. If you enjoyed films like Kick-Ass I could see this being entertaining for you. I’m glad a sequel has been approved despite the ban in China. I just hope this film and the sequel earn something closer to the other Marvel films and something less closer to Kick-Ass 2.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

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