Kim Harrison Signing – Books-A-Million in Hanover Maryland – Overall Compilation

0911142013 I had a fantastic time at the Books-A-Million signing this last Thursday in Hanover, Maryland (DC/Baltimore area)! Though it was the final book the vibe all around was pretty good! All smiles.  I was very happy to only be #48 in line as opposed to #148 on up. Thank you, boss, for letting me leave work an hour early!

I met someone who attended the signing there a couple of years ago for A Perfect Blood and she confirmed that the line went into the 200s.  I was in the 130s back then so I suspected it did.  That just proves that there is definitely a demand for The Hollows and Kim Harrison here. It was yet another madhouse with tons of people and I’m glad DC/Baltimore wasn’t left out this time.  I would have trekked to New York Comic Con to make it happen though. I’ve been attending a signing for every book since Black Magic Sanction and I wasn’t going to miss out on the final book!  It was great reaching out to a fellow fans and I got to meet Janice, one of the blog followers here!

Kim oh so kindly shared the giveaway link on Facebook and when she saw the book she made sure to throw in a few extra goodies for the winner! So you’ll be getting more than just the book, whoever you are!

I finally got in on the T-shirt so I’m in the group photo.  Apparently Kim’s new series will NOT have t-shirts, but she and Guy finally figured out the most efficient system for the last one and now there won’t be any more! Go figure!

We also learned a little about the new series. I haven’t been able to follow all of the Q&As like I wanted to, but the new series will be a mix of Minority Report and The Jason Bourne series (two of my favorite film franchises), so it sounds really promising. Sounds like it will be way different from The Hollows, but it should be a good different.  To commemorate the end I have decided to put all of my signing pics on one page. I counted 7 in all!  Good times, good times!


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