Poll: The Hollows – Final Four!!!

So we have only 4 days left until we say goodbye to The Hollows for good…for a while anyway.  And yes, I’m making a this face:


But to countdown to that day (where you know I’ll have a giveaway goodie), I’ll be posting something everyday until the big day, including a little Q&A I did with Kim.  But in the meantime, over this weekend I want you all to think about your favorite moments. And most importantly your favorite book.  I’ve attached a poll here and I want to hear what you guys love about it and what you’ll miss about it.  And what you’re looking forward to next from Kim Harrison.

Favorite Hollows Book

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  1. I voted for TUP but PD is a very, very close second. Of course, things may change once I read the final (sob!) book, but this is the ranking as it stands today. 🙂

  2. Pale Demon is my fav because of the scene where Al kisses Rachel (finally); felt like that had been a long time coming. Also the tulpa scene & Algaliarept’s care of Rache afterwards. EA is a close 2nd for me, once again due to Al & Rachel’s interactions. He is my absolute favorite character from the entire series. Whether it’s realistic or appropriate for he & Rache to have an “other than student/mentor” relationship, I kept hoping for more through the entire series. TUP ending just about broke my heart. Can’t believe it’s all over. Sigh

  3. Looking forward to anything new by Kim Harrison! Love her characters and writing style. It will be interesting to see what she comes up with next!

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