The Undead Pool Q&A and Signing in NYC!

IMG_20140309_202535 Yep! That made the whole trip worth it!

New York certainly was a wonderful time! I’m not a local, but this signing was the closest one to me (or at least it was equidistant to Raleigh) and I decided to attend it. Why? Because it’s NEW YORK! And transportation was cheaper as well :-).  Taking a bus vs. driving my car and gassing it up and putting miles on it was a no brainer. The costs for entertainment and food probably evened things out, but at least I made better use of it.  I decided to come in a day early and meet up with a few local friends. I also caught the Aladdin musical!  I HIGHLY recommend you attend this show if you get the chance. It was a-maz-ing!


This was me before, but I think I had the same face afterward! The costumes, the music, the choreography, the singing, the sets…just everything was FANTASTIC! I’m not even going to spoil it with any surprises but their number for “A Whole New World” is one for the ages!  

So yeah, the signing went very well. Kim came out with a tiara and a magic fairy wand and was having some fun with it. She also had glitter all over her, haha.  She said it was from a previous interview she did.  But then she went into the Q&A.  I don’t think we learned anything new if you’ve been following any of her interviews but it’s good that certain things are reinforced all the same.  She tends to get asked the same questions.  I did manage to ask a couple of questions that you guys so kindly provided me with here.  I posted answers in the comment replies.

But yeah we got in line and Kim squealed when she saw me. “ERIKA!! GUY COME OVER HERE!!” It was so funny, especially when she yelled for guy to come over to snap a pic.   Luckily one of my Goodreads friends, Regina, caught her giving me a big hug!   Thanks a bunch, Regina!  Kim still jokes about our San Diego Comic Con meeting when  I was all blue (scroll down ~_^).

One of the reasons I love attending these signings is that I get a chance to hob nob with fellow Hollows fans. This year didn’t disappoint! I ended up bumping into other Goodreaders too!   We talked with Guy for a while and he’s always awesome.  He had some hilarious stories for us about past events.  Let’s just say that I hope their experience at this year’s RT is just as memorable as last time!

Harper Collins is based on New York City so a lot of the team was there as well. It was great meeting a few faces who I’ve emailed in the past about ARCs and feedback and whatnot.  They’re a great group!  I’m sure they are all thrilled that The Undead Pool will debut at #1 on the NYT Best Seller’s List (Hardcover) so congrats to them all!  It’s long overdue for this series IMO.  Her last #1 was for Blood Work but that was on the graphic novel/comic list and that’s not really a main Hollows book.  I have a feeling that Book 13 can keep that momentum going and do the same! The Hollows deserves to end on a high note.

I came to this event to see Kim, fellow fans, and to get my stuff signed! And it all worked out great! I got my second Kindle signed as well as my books! We also got the Free Vampires pins and bus tokens and Regina and I both won Hollows posters in their mini contest. Kim signed those for us too.  Regina won it for traveling the farthest (Los Angeles) and I won it because I was able to name the Craig Ferguson TV spot.

Kim was wonderful, but you definitely get the vibe that she is excited to end The Hollows on a high note and bring on something new.  I’ll miss the Hollows but her enthusiasm for her next series is really making me look forward to what’s next! So I’ve posted a few pics below from the event! You can click any of them to access the gallery.  If any of you ever have a chance to attend a signing I encourage you to do so!  She’s still got a few dates left so I hope she’ll be close by to some of you soon!



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  1. so glad you had a fantastic trip with visiting and a show !
    we went to the Pittsburgh Pa signing and i was so excited, especially after participating in the booktalk nation live chat and the goodreads read along. i never thought she’d come so close 🙂
    Signing with Kim and Jeaniene Frost in the same month was the best February ever!

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