Happy Happy Hollows Day!! Giveaway Winners Galore!

the undead pool, kim harrison, rachel morganHi everyone! I know your evening may have been more exciting than Christmas for some of you, lol.  I figured plenty of you will stay up until midnight so that you can read through the night!  Anyone finished yet?  As you all know, I posted my review back in January.  If you missed it, then I’m the queen of England. But if I actually AM the queen of England, you can read it here.

Please vote it helpful on Amazon! I’d really appreciate it ~_^:
Amazon Review

And please also “like” it on Goodreads if you wish:
Goodreads Review

But if you’re also waiting to see if you won my giveaway then I’ll be happy to let you know that I have indeed randomly selected the winners!  This book is so good that I will definitely consider a giveaway of paperback copies later this year!  And the winners are:

Autographed Copy – Kathy Ritchie

Ebook – Babs

Please check your emails so that I can get your emailing/mailing info.  You all have been amazing with your responses! Over 850 entries made my eyes bug out! You really proved to me how much you love your Hollows!! If you didn’t win and can’t wait, it’s worth every penny! I really look forward to hearing how you all enjoyed it and how many times you’ll read it! Don’t stay up too late, kids!

Giveaway-Prize Pack #2
So many of you probably entered the multi-blog giveaway I did with my fellow bloggers! Well we now have winners! They are not announcing them but I will be sending my contribution to:

Ms. Adrean Garcia

So if you’re reading this keep an eye out for your book!

And last but not least, I feel like one big winner myself because just the other day my Facebook page passed


A party commenced




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