The Undead Pool – Hollows Chapter 5. I’m late, I know!

So guys, if you didn’t already know, Chapter 5 of The Undead Pool is available to read. Remember I told you it was better than chapter 4! What do you think?

There’s also a Hollows Dating Quiz! I got David first, then got Trent and Al after answering things in a way that would get them, lol.  David honestly doesn’t really do much for me in the books, but I guess in real life he’d make the most sense (minus the man-whoring of course):

I’ve been so consumed by the Olympics that I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like, but the madness will all be over soon! I used to be a huge fan of figure skating. It’s waned over the last few years since I haven’t really found favorite skaters to keep in interested, but things might just change with these games!  Loving Hanyu Yuzuru and Julia Lipnitskaya a lot!  I’m also super excited for Ice Dance tonight. It’s not my favorite discipline but I can’t help but root for the USA to make a little history! They’ve always been exciting to watch.

T minus 8 days until new Hollows!

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  1. I got Trent too but I can’t read the chapters on my middle their to big and it cuts the sentence off so I have to wait for the book which I preordered two months ago from amazon

  2. I think this book needs to come with a warning, May ignite while reading 🙂 I’m too impatient the release date needs to hurry up, plus I’m in the UK so it will take even longer as it has to ship here, boo 🙁
    Chapter 5 was just … Wow

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