POLL! Hollows News: Kim Harrison’s 2014 Tour Stops. Will you be there?

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Hi everyone! The Hollows re-read is in full force and if you haven’t joined in yet the group is on book 6, The Outlaw Demon Wails, and it’s still available for $1.99 on ebook through December 18th.  I just finished it tonight.  This was one of my favorites at the time.  It still is though it’s considerably lower on the list compared to the latest books.  I’m having a great time with this trip down memory lane! The clues are sooo obvious now that I know what they mean.

If you didn’t know, Kim Harrison has announced all of her tour stops for The Undead Pool tour.  Though she’s hitting the east coast pretty hard, I will have to travel the farthest to meet her this time (San Diego Comic Con doesn’t count, lol).  I suppose I can’t complain considering how she won’t be visiting the west coast at all! And of ALL books, this is NOT the one where I wouldn’t regret missing this signing.  They are just so much fun and I look forward to going every year.  So it’ll be a road trip yet again for me. It looks like New York, New York will be the place, the place.  Raleigh, NC is also a possibility (though less likely).  They are equidistant from me.  Is Kim coming to a city near you? If you’re planning to attend either the NYC or Raleigh, NC signings as well, let me know!

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    1. They are going to be near me in Maryland, but I’d have to drive an hour. I like them but I’m not into the fandoms enough to want to go just for that. I’m likely going to the NYC signing instead of the Raleigh signing. I have friends I can stay with there for free instead of paying for a hotel in Raleigh. And it will be cheaper since I can take the bus for $30 round trip.

  1. I was really hoping she would be hitting up Chicago! I have this awesome little independent bookshop near me that is known nationwide for the book events it has hosted. That seems to be my luck. When I was in OK for grad school, she hit Chicago and when I moved back to IL, she visited Tulsa. I’m seriously considering convincing my hubby or BFF to travel with me to Cincy!!

    1. Yeah I feel you. You think you’re in an important metropolis and yet you have to travel to another one! We should start a club about it, lol! I personally love Chi-town. If *I* were an author with legions of fans I’d make sure to visit there :P.

    1. Yeah I feel like she should have done a Florida date instead of New Orleans, where she’ll visit again for Romantic Times…

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