POLL: Hollows Stuff! Ever After Advances in the Goodreads Awards! New Trent Fanart! Casting Thoughts and More!

Hey guys! So it looks like Ever After has advanced to the semifinals for the 2013 Goodreads awards!  If you haven’t voted yet, make sure you do in order to get it to the finals! Let’s try to make this the first win of the series! My fingers are crossed.  It was absolutely my favorite read this year (shocker!), but there’s definitely got some stiff competition which I genuinely enjoyed as well so we’ll see! Bloodlines has also advanced.  Don’t read any further until you’ve voted. Priorities :P.

After you’ve voted, read on!

Not too long ago I stumbled upon this awesome render art of Trent on Deviantart. Pretty good, huh? It’s one of the ways I envision him.

Trent Kalamack, The Hollows, Kim Harrison


What do you guys think about it?

What do you think of the Trent Kalamack fanart?

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Oh yeah and while live action casting’s been on the brain and I recently saw Thor 2 this weekend (it was PHENOMENAL!!) and over on goodreads we are discussing Hollows casting.  Some mentioned Chris Hemsworth as a good Trent, but I feel like he’s a little too burly (not that I don’t love him).  And then someone mentioned Tom Hiddleston as a good Al!  I can say I’ve thought of Johnny Depp, Robert Downey, Jr., and Michael Fassbender as good picks, but I think Hiddleston can certainly join that pool! I’m also loving Jo Newman as a potential Rachel and perhaps Olivia Munn for Ivy.  Olivia’s a little on the shorter side (I should know since she took a selfie with me and my bestie this summer as San Diego Comic Con, but in terms of features I could buy it!

A fistful of charms, the hollows, rachel morgan, kim harrison

Kim will be starting a Fistful of Charms this week. Tomorrow it will be on sale for $1.99 at most ebook retail outlets so keep an eye out! This one wasn’t really a favorite of mine (though I loved Big Jenks, who doesn’t?) and I’m really close to catching up to my goodreads reading challenge goal, so I might skip this one  with the except of a few key chapters and pick up again with Book 5, one of my favorites.

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    1. Really? How old does he look to you? Trent’s only in his late 20s barely 30. I’m the same age but people say I look younger than my age so maybe that’s it?

  1. That render of Trent totally works for me. The age is about right for the books. While Chris Hemsworth is a hottie, no doubt, I agree that his build is all wrong. Trent is described as more lean muscle, a runner’s body….so a body more like David Beckham.

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