The Hollows: The Undead Pool’s cover is complete! And we get Chapter 1!

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Some of you have probably already seen the completed cover. Sorry or the delay. I’ve been a bit under the weather, but I figured I should blog about it anyway. Of course, this cover is a special case because Trent is featured this time.  I’m sure we all knew it’d be him, so no big surprises there.  Overall, I think the cover is quite nice. While the model’s not bad, he still doesn’t look like how I imagine Trent. I actually think this model would be a better fit as Pritkin from the Cassie Palmer books by Karen Chance.  He’s more rugged whereas with Trent I sense more of an air of regality, softer lines, lighter blond hair, etc. You know, like how an elf should look.  Though I have my short list he’s almost impossible to place for me, so I’m not surprised that I’m not over the moon about it.  I’m pleased with the gesture to put him on the cover though. But to be quite honest, this cover could say “brown paper bag” and pretty much be one and I’d still read this book.

I’m even more pleased with Kim’s gesture of providing the first chapter of the book.  I didn’t read it right away, but the curiosity got to me.  I need an ARC and SOON!  If you’re interested in reading chapter one, you can find it on Kim’s website here:

Just scroll to the bottom.  Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Lovely cover, except for that person who bears no resemblance to a white-haired elf with hair that “floats” around his head like dandelion fluff. From his descriptions throughout the book, I definitely pictured someone with finer drawn, more elegant features. This guy is cool, but he’s no cookie-maker, in my book. I’ll continue to see Trent exactly as he has been described to me over many books, now.

    Yes, it would be pretty hard to get him right, but for me, this guy is wrong on every level. Especially the hair. *sigh* Other than that, the cover is cool. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. After some time to let it settle in, I’m actually becoming more used to it. He’s still not the Trent I envisioned in my mind, but it could definitely be worse.

      1. Oh, he’s fine…as someone else. He’s just not anything like she has told us Trent is. I’m sorry for that. Otherwise, the cover is great. And I’m used to cover artists getting it wrong. For me, very few even come close to how the characters are described. I’m still going to love the book and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

          1. Yeah, and the artists have no time (or possibly inclination) to read the book and understand who they are supposed to be painting. My favorite cover artist is Chris McGrath, whose work is amazing, and who most of the time gets it right. His Dresden Files covers are outstanding, but all of his work is good. I will buy books he’s the artist for, just because I can’t resist his work. 🙂

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