The Hollows: Kim Harrison is full of surprises.

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Best belated surprise ever!  As if Kim Harrison wasn’t *already* my favorite author in the WORLD, I just discovered this. I had NO idea she acknowledged me in the novel’s final print!  I cannot believe she did this! I just thought she hooked me up with the ARC of Ever After after I alerted her to a continuity error in the Into the Woods ARC. I had no clue about this until one of my Goodreads friends wished me a happy birthday and said she just finished the book and saw the thank you. Of course I was like, “wait, whut?” Then I immediately sought it out myself. So yeah, I feel like a total idiot for not even looking the first time, but…

Let’s just say I’ve been waiting months for the right moment to use this gif:


KIM ROCKS!! It’s also on Amazon’s preview

And the wait for The Undead Pool just became that much worse!!

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  1. That is SO cool, Erika. I got to see Kim & Jeannine Frost in Ft. Myres, FL, last spring, and it was fantastic. She is very approachable and nice. And the two of them were very funny in their presentations and Q & A afterward. Got 3 books autographed by each, including Into The Woods. I bet you’ll treasure your copy forever.

  2. Well, now I just feel bad. Here I was under the impression that you knew all along or I would have told you. I had intended to congratulate you but I guess I never got to it or you would have known.

    But It’s still super exciting!!!

  3. Congratulations! How exciting for you. See being a superfan and remembering all the little details paid off!
    I can tell you are so excited and what a thrill for you. So happy for you!

  4. Congratulations Erika! I can’t think of a more deserving fan than you for that honor. I didn’t even realize it was there all this time until I looked in back for it. Hopefully Kim will be close to the area on her tour and I’ll have YOU sign my copy!!

    1. Thanks so much, Keeley! I’m eternally a Kim Harrison tard now, so I’ll likely be at the next signing. I’ll definitely have to get a photo op of that one if you don’t mind, haha. She’s hitting the east coast hard this time!

  5. Congrats, Erika!! It’s such an honor. Kim’s amazing and it’s fantastic that you get this wonderful reward for helping her out 😀 I’m so thrilled for you. I’d so be framing that up on my wall LOL.

    1. Thanks, Jaclyn! It’s super amazing and I’ll never forget it. I might frame it when Kim signs it. Definitely bringing this book to the next tour signing!

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