POLL! The Hollows – Real Life Trent Kalamack? How about Armie Hammer?

We’ve been over this before. He’s a very hard character to pin down with a universally acceptable actor!  I have a very short list of actors who could satisfactorily portray our favorite elf. It includes (click their names for more pics):

Travis Fimmel

Jensen Ackles

Chris Evans (a la Captain America)

Trevor Donovan

I’d now like to add Armie Hammer, the new Lone Ranger, to that list! I guess it takes a billionaire to play one!  I’ve been discussing this a bit over on Goodreads and so far people are preeeetty pleased! Thanks to Diva for choosing these specific pics:



And she also pulled this caption

“He’s tall (six feet five), handsome, lean, intelligent, and blessed with the well-spoken graciousness befitting the scion of a distinguished family (his great-grandfather was the billionaire philanthropist Armand Hammer).”

So I have presented all of the evidence.  Who is your favorite choice?

Who is your favorite actor to play Trent?

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  1. Armie with blond hair does it for me. Nothin against the others but some appear too old, too young, or too beefy.

    1. You know he’s the great grandson of Armand Hammer, right? As in, the baking soda and other brands? His birth name is actually Armand too. But I guess he goes by Armie for short.

  2. I would have gone with Jensen A. over Armie Hammer but I’m old enough to remember him playing Eric on Days of our Lives! Gaaah! he just hasn’t done it for me since then. Hehehe. Armie HAS to bleach out his hair though.

  3. I vote for Lee Pace. I can’t help but picture the Elf King of Mirkwood (from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug) now when thinking of Trent Kalamack. Hot!

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