Rebel (The Fallen #4) by Kristina Douglas

Rebel, the fallen, kristina douglasSynopis: A rebel angel who lives outside the world of the Fallen, Cain makes his own rules. Now he’s returned to make trouble, and he sets his sights on the unreliably psychic Martha. She has no interest in getting romantically involved with Cain, especially when she can tell he has ulterior motives. But when a mysterious figure tries to kill Martha, she and Cain must work together to uncover the villain. The heat between Martha and Cain grows undeniable, even as chaos and disaster threaten the very existence of the Fallen.

Review: I don’t totally love these books but I like them enough to continue.  They are fun to read here and there between other books.  This one wasn’t my favorite.  After four books in, I was hoping to be a bit more invested in the storyline and characters.  Cain is featured in this one.  He’s an infamous throughout the course of fictional and biblical history, so it’s a tall order to create a memorable version of him.  A number of authors do a fine job of taking old characters and making them their own (ie. Karen Chance with Mircea, Jeaniene Frost with Vlad ).  I didn’t feel like this book accomplished that very well.  The characterization in general was sort of flat for not only him, but for Martha as well.  The constant comparisons to her dead husband didn’t really enhance the story or character development.

I am glad that this series goes the typical PNR route and focuses on a different hero and heroine because I wouldn’t see myself continuing if it was focused just those two.  I have become somewhat invested in the world and the potential future of The Fallen and what appears to be the ultimate villain. The battles and politics actually keep me more interest than I though I’d be.  And I like the occasional focus on the stars of the prior books. I’ll certain continue if only to see what happens on that front. I like that these books don’t take the instalove route as well even though they do eventually end up together.  The author does a good job of making them take a pretty hard road so that you care a little bit more as a reader.  I just worry about her stretching things out so that it becomes long in the tooth.

If you follow this series, I definitely don’t recommend skipping this one. It has a lot going on.

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