POLL! The Undead Pool (The Hollows, #12) by Kim Harrison

The Hollows InsiderSo we have a title folks! The Undead Pool is the name for the penultimate entry of The Hollows.  In typical Clint Eastwood fashion, it’s likely playing off the film, The Dead Pool.  I’ve decided to create a new post on the matter and deleted my previous one as I’ve mulled it over and found new info.  So apparently Kim’s original title would have been Mystic Impact, reflecting the introduction of a new species, the mystics, but the publishers and their marketing team liked this one better. I have a degree in marketing and I think Mystic Impact sounds fine. The Undead Pool works too though! Brings me back to the original 3 books that used “dead” and its variants :P .

Though personally, I’m kind of glad the series titles eventually switched up starting with A Fistful of Charms (The Hollows, #4). There are a number of long series where, while I might recall what happens book by book, the actual titles are so similar that I can’t distinguish them if my life depended on it (ie: series that use  “grave” or “dead” or “witch” other popular urban fantasy terms ad nauseam in EVERY title), so I think the powers that be should also keep that in mind.  Do they really think readers are that dumb? For The Hollows, I can name every one in my sleep. The play on Clint Eastwood titles was a great move. Either way, I know book 12 is going to be phenomenal. I am seriously counting the days until it’s in my mitts, hopefully with an ARC this fall.  So which title do you like more?

Which Hollows #12 title do you prefer?

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  1. Though they both sound fine to me, I ultimately went with The Undead Pool simply because The Dead Pool was the first Dirty Harry movie I ever saw. 🙂

    I’m intrigued that Kim will be introducing a new species, mystics. I’m curious about who/what they are and how they’ll IMPACT (get it? lol) the story.

    But the main thing is…we have a title! I can’t wait for the cover reveal!

  2. I’m voting for The Undead Pool. I like the sound of it much better. But you might want to change your poll, where it’s listed as “The Dead Pool,” just to avoid confusion. I’m excited about the new book, too, after finally “meeting” Kim Harrison at a book fair in south Florida. Her hints have me really eager to read it.

  3. I think both names are good. Quite frankly, I am not fussed about the name – I just want the book!!! I’m DYING for the next Hollows item!!!

  4. For some reason I thought ” Ever After” was the last one?!?
    So glad it’s not!

    Love “Undead Pool” as the title of the new book. Can’t wait until it’s released!

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