Virginia Book Festival – Is anybody going?

Virginia Book Festival, Virginia Festival of the bookHi everyone. I’ll be attending the VA Book Festival on Friday, primarily to meet up with my favoritist author in the whole wide world! At this point I don’t think I need to name names ;-).  But anyway, I’m just filling you guys in because:

1) If anyone is going to attend I’d love to meet up.  I’ve met some of my followers at signings in the past so that’s always fun!

2) Questions for Kim!  If there’s anything you want me to ask her, think it up and post it byTwice Tempted, Night Prince, Jeaniene Frost, Friday morning. I’ll be carting my tablet with me so if I have free wifi I’ll check in on comments.

I’m also hoping to meet Jeaniene Frost, especially since I currently have a copy of Twice Tempted in my mitts, but her panel is way early and I don’t think I’ll beat rush hour to make it.  Rush hour in the Washington, DC area is #1 in the USA and that is a FACT!

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  1. I hate DC traffic, plus the roads suck too. I haven’t been in a while so I don’t know whats changed, I live past Richmond between Williamsburg and Hampton and that Richmond exit from 95 is always the worst. Not that traffic around here is far behind VDOT is waste of tax dollars.

  2. Since Kim has confirmed that Ellasbeth was the one who hired the assassins in TOR, ask her if this will be addressed in the main story, if it will have consequences.

    What other authors are going to be there? Anyone intetesting?

    Have fun!

  3. I can’t go!! Last minute schedule change at work. I had it all planned too. I was taking 2 of my daughters and had a room booked for an overnight getaway trip. Needless to say, there are 3 very unhappy campers in my house now. Have a wonderful time and stay safe and have a great time at the wedding. Boy, are you going to be tired after this weekend!!

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