Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson #7) – Absence made my heart grow fonder

Frost Burned, Mercy Thompson, Patricia BriggsMercy’s adjusting to  lot of changes theses days; she’s now Mrs. Hauptman, wife and mate to alpha werewolf, Adam, and stepmom to his daughter, Jesse.  This level of normalcy is refreshing compared to the usual whirlwind of her life.  But of course things can’t remain peaceful forever.  While taking advantage of Black Friday, Mercy and Jesse are in a car accident and find that they can’t reach Adam or anyone else in the pack. And it’s not a coincidence.

The pack has been abducted and may be in serious danger.  It’s a delicate time for the werewolf race as they work to gain public acceptance.  Without her pack to turn to, Mercy will reach out to every ally possible to save them, including some new and unexpected faces.

This was a really great read! I breezed through it in no time. I really missed Mercy and the gang. Maybe that’s a sign that this series is inching its way into my favorites group. And that’s a pretty exclusive club!  But after this book it’s earned it. Adam is a true badass here, even tied to a chair!  I don’t quote Paris Hilton often, but that “that’s hott.” Seriously, he’s to die for here, especially since we get TWO chapters from his point of view!

His relationship with Mercy really is refreshing.  Though they have some drama and angst, they are secure in their relationship and don’t bother with mind games.  That’s become an oddity with a number of series, even some of my favorites.

The story combines events that occur in Patricia Brigg’s Alpha & Omega series.  It definitely helps if you’ve read the A&O series. I haven’t yet, but I was able to keep up with no trouble.  Though at first I wasn’t really planning to read the series, but after Frost Burned I think I’ll go ahead and add A&O to my TBR pile, though I likely won’t get to them until next year, maybe around the time when Mercy 8 will be released.  Thankfully that won’t be two years.

This is one of my favorite Mercy novels, but I would have liked more Bran and Stefan (who I think deserves a spin-off of his own).  The book wasn’t too short or long, but maybe if it were a little longer they could have had a little more presence.  I hope we’ll see a good bit of them next time.  This book was definitely a must read for Mercy fans.

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  1. Great review. I have it but haven’t read it yet. Someone spoiled the ending for me (accidental). Now I’m going to have to wait awhile. I feel like I won’t enjoy it so much now.

  2. I really enjoy this series, partially because Mercy isn’t superhuman and doesn’t keep getting more and more powerful as the books go on, and also because of her rather refreshing relationship with Adam, which doesn’t require lots of manufactured angst to keep it interesting.

    If you are a fan of Bran you’ll probably love the A&O books, which are more romance based than the mercy ones, and have a healthy dose of Bran in them (and he’s probably my favourite character)

    PS. My first post here, but I regularly read your blog to find new books to read. In fact it’s your fault that I’m now in love with Kim Harrison (as are several of my friends!)

  3. Thank you for the review. I read and loved all the Mercy books except for the last one. I tried reading it a couple of times and just couldn’t get into it. After this review maybe I’ll just skip River Marked and read this one.

  4. I haven’t actually read any werewolf-themed books yet, but I would gladly give it a go…count me in. Thanx!

  5. I was actually thinking of skipping this one. I like Ben, Jessie, Warren and Bran, but Mercy, eh. I was repulsed by that scene where Adam freaks and force feeds Mercy a piece of his flesh while they were still in human form. Just eeeeeew on several levels! My beef is really with the lack of a key character. I miss STEFAN! He’s been sorely lacking lately.

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