Kim Harrison – Facebook Chat Takeaways (Major Ever After Spoilers Ahead)

So if you didn’t have a lot of time to read through the Facebook chat Kim held at Harper Voyager’s page on Friday, you’re in luck.  Here are the top 5 important things you need to know (in no particular order):


  • Jenks and Belle will not become a couple.  Though they are getting closer, it will be more of a comrade in arms type of relationship.
  • Ceri and Pierce’s deaths will impact the series, but it will not be on Kisten’s level.
  • When the last books hit re-write mode, there’s a chance we’ll learn more about Al’s wife (no guarantee though).  But in other news, he apparently also knew Trent’s mom and her death is why there are no pixies in Trent’s garden.
  • Gonna direct quote this one. Take it for what you will:
Renee Martin: Okay my question is, are you ever going to let Rachel and Trent do it already? It’s driving me around the bend
Kim Harrison: Hi Renee. OMGosh, you’re going to like book 12.
  • The last scene of the final Hollows book was originally going to end on a beach.  But it’s recently been changed to Trent’s stables.
Lots of food for thought, folks!


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  1. Holy schnikes, that’s some major spoiler-sneak peak. The end is so near I can taste it. Still a couple of years to go though. Double Damn. Thanks

  2. From the first book I always wanted it to be Trent which is crazy since he was the bad guy a lot of time. Though I don’t think he could ever be totally redeemed I think Harrison is brilliant in the way she managed to keep him likable throughout the series. And while I’ve been hoping for that ever elusive bedroom scene between Rachel & Trent each time I start a new book in the series I kind of like that I have to wait. So many adult books in bed and in love halfway through the first book. The waiting and building of a relationship and romance is why I like YA.

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