Poll: How will you be purchasing EVER AFTER (The Hollows #11) on or after this Tuesday?

It’s no secret that we’re all Hollows nuts around these parts.  I’ve actually been noticing a bit of a calm before the storm when it comes to the interwebs.  Though I didn’t have time to hold a proper giveaway (though I hope you’ll like the consolation prize), I am a little curious about evolving buying habits and want to know how you all plan to get your mits on your copy. I’ve been pre-ordering hardcovers since my closest bookstore closed down,  and same day delivery means it works out pretty well.

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  1. We don’t have a bookstore here in town, nor does Kim come anywhere near here on her tour. Alas, I don’t have the cash to order from Nicola’s, so I’ll be getting my hardcover from Better World Books next time I get paid.

    I can’t wait to read it again!

  2. I pre ordered from Amazon the second I saw it come up. We have a couple B&Ns fairly close, but I have always felt it was a bad policy to charge to join a loyalty program so I don”t shop there. They are a customer of my employer and they are a big pain, so that’s another strike for them. I can’t wait! I read the first 6 that were put up Tuesday and I am kicking myself! I want to know about Quen! Holy Crow! I’ve decided to make Trent’s waffles this weekend & freeze them for release day. I might even try the maple candy now that the Christmas cookies are finally gone. 😉

      1. No, I didn’t get it early, or today for that matter! I’m about to go raise hell w. Amazon, and download the ebook. I just got a kindle for Christmas, and while I like it, I still prefer a paper book in my hand. And I have all the others like you, so I have to complete the collection.

  3. I have the Kindle set to download, but I will probably buy the MMP when it comes out for to complete my colection/for bonus chapters 😉

  4. As sad as this is, I will be buying two copies. A ebook on Tuesday and hardcover for collection, later on. We don’t have a ship on release day here in Canada and even preordering won’t get your copy to you for at least later. Can’t wait that long!

    1. I purchased the hardcover and ebook for Pale Demon, so I get you, lol. It’s just that it’s hard to justify with an eARC of the book, but I may buy it when the mmp comes in for potential bonus material. I do like the community quotes 🙂

  5. I thought about buying the ebook so I would get it day of release instead of having to wait a few days for it to be delivered, plus the ebook is cheaper. But since I’ve started reading the Hollows I’ve bought them all in hardcover and the ones that came out before I started reading the series in paperback. It just feels right to finish my collection with actual copies of the book that I can touch and smell.

    1. Totally get you. I purchased Pale Demon in ebook while getting the hardcover. I just didn’t do it this time since I have the eARC already. Definitely have the hardcover for the collection though. I might get the ebook in the fall if only to get the community quotes and any bonus material :-).

  6. I pre-ordered the hardcover but I also pre-ordered the audio on Audible to. So I’m happy, happy I will be listening to Ever After at 1am Tuesday morning. I will get it from Audible at 12am but by the time it downloads it will be 1am. I will be awake listening. YAY. Then I will get a double dose when my books come in. It sad I have to buy 2 copies but ohh well. One is signed and the other I got from my book club for my daughter for $9.99. She read Kim’s first book so she has them all now, she’s hooked to.

  7. Pre-ordered though Amazon on December 18th (Yes, that obsessed) through Amazon. I got an e-mail yesterday morning letting me know Ever After had been shipped. I think I have to dedicate an entire two days to starting and finishing the book! There may be sick days used…

  8. This is one of those very rare series where I will get the story in every version: hardback, ebook, audiobook, and paperback. 🙂

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