A Perfect Blood Paperback is out! And OH-EM-GEEE!!

“When this is over, can I fix that?”

My fingers, he realized, shivering when she brushed his palm.  She’s talking about fixing my fingers.  “If you like,” he said with a false calm, then pulled away, stifling a spun-sugar feeling as her hand slipped from his.  It’s the adrenaline, he thought, not meeting her eyes.

Yeah, that. just. happened. Now READ!!

EDIT:  I got it for my kindle, but those who already have the book and don’t want to purchase it again can read the whole thing in the browse feature on B&N. It’s free and all you have to do is click the first “Teaser Chapter” link:


Thanks to our very own VirginiaHouston for bringing this link to my attention.  The Harper Browse doesn’t offer it at this time.

As you may or may not know, the mass market paperback was released this Tuesday and Kim added a special bonus which included a change of POV from a previous chapter. She decided to use Trent’s POV for the office scene where (spoiler ahead)……………Rachel takes off the demon bracelet that he put on her in Pale Demon. I just read the excerpt and well…

I’m about to go on a Goodreads quoting spree. Who wants to join me?!

It’s been a pretty good week for me. I scored front row tickets to the Madonna concert this past Sunday (I’d never been to one of her shows before), and now I read this MIND BLOWING excerpt from this book! Honestly, I’m speechless.  If you want to read it yourself (and believe me, you’ll want to), you could stop by your local bookstore and read the MMP, you could buy the ebook like I did. I like having ebook and hardcovers for this series, so I purposely held out for the ebook until now.  Kim NEVER goes for the jugular like that. She’s usually way more subtle.  That last paragraph was just… As I said, I’m speechless right now and that NEVER happens with The Hollows.

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  1. WOW! OMG TRENT!!!! That was jaw dropping and the perfect chapter we got from his POV! So good. I so was not expecting that last line. You’re right Kim is usually more subtle. The wait for EVER AFTER is going to kill me! Thanks for the up to the minute updates 🙂

    1. Okay, you two have convinced me. I’m downloading the whole book shortly, and I WILL, by golly, know exactly why you are all so thrilled. Anything to do with Trent makes my heart happy, anyway, so I’m eager to read this!!! Negine, thanks for mentioning it to me yesterday. I should have been keeping up with this blog better! Sorry, Erika. I’ve been swamped with mine, lately, and some other projects. I promise to do better! And thanks for the information. Ever see a 68-year old granny squeeeeee like a teenaged fangirl? (Hint: It’s not a pretty sight! But I don’t care. I’m THAT happy.)

    I saw a quote you added in Goodreads, and was thinking “Holly shit, this is huge! It must be Ever After! I can’t wait!” and then I was getting all worried ’cause the tag said A Perfect Blod, which made me say to myself “Well, girl, it is time for some mind prompting pill, because there is no way you could have forgotten a passage like that unless there is some serious damage in you synapsis” (yeah, I consider talking to myself tip top, but forgetting? No sire).
    But now I know. And I don’t know whether to make a happy dance in my chair or throw a huge tantrum because my copy doesn’t have that. Will hunt it still (library, here I come)

  3. LOL! I love those gifs but that is exactly how I felt when I read this. OMG! I was not expecting Kim to be quite so forthcoming. Like you I was expecting something a lot more subtle but she really just put it all out there. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to doing my happy dance. 🙂

  4. Oh my God!! thanks for the quote Erika!
    I wish i can read the bonus chapter too 🙁
    I have an account in B&N but when i click on it, i can see only chapters 1 and 2
    Did Virginia read it there? Please, Virginia, can you explain how? maybe im doing something bad.
    Omg, i dont know if i should enter in goodreads and read your quotes. aaaaaaaaaarhhh

  5. Yes, I was about to point out that it can be read for free at B&N, after I searched all the blogs and HarperCollins websites I could find, with no result!:))

    AND OMG. *FLAILS* That teaser made my week! Or my year – considering how long overdue something so freaking awesome and personal and deep from Trent was. *fans self* And your gif’s are perfect. I squealed and jumped around too, and I’ll have a stupid grin on my face the entire week. This is happening, people! Can you believe it???

    Sorry, my thoughts and emotions are all over the place right now and I needed to talk about it with readers ‘in the know’. 😀 I’m dying to read Ever After right now, DYING, I’m telling you!


    1. Dee, I feel like I could have written your post myself! It’s so amazing. I just don’t know what to do, lo. SO AWESOME!! Ever After cannot come soon enough, OMG!

  6. I’m getting almost as much of a kick out of seeing the reactions from my fellow Trent fans as I did reading the chapter. LOL!

    I don’t know how much things will progress between Rachel and Trent in EA (since Rachel is notoriously slow on the uptake when it comes to Trent) but I think that Kim wrote this, knowing that it would be released before EA, to serve as a bridge for whatever Trent might do in the next book. So that even though Rachel may not get it, we will know what is truly motivating him. Gah! I can’t wait!

    1. @Diva I know what you mean, I’m excited about everyone’s reactions too!LOL *passes out cookies, tissues and iced tea or whatever you may need after reading that chapter* Thanks for providing us with a venue, Erika!:D

      And considering that we still have one book left to read, things will probably still be slow in EA. Well, slow for Rachel, anyway. 😀 Maybe the subtle won’t be so subtle anymore when it comes to Trent’s actions and reactions around her though.

      P.S. I added a quote on GR, and though it might be spoiler-y, it almost had me tearing up and melting right then and there, so I had to share it. 😛


  7. OH @#%&*%$! I can’t see it here at work! It’s killing me! I am so jealous! Holy heart palpitations Trent Girls! I was jonesing so bad I went off and OD’d on fanfic for a week, but now THIS! I hope my boyfriend goes out tonite so I can squeeee in peace!

      1. Oh man! – I just finished. Falling down on my knees & praising Mrs Harrison as we speak! I can’t sleep NOW! That was so cool!! I haven’t been this psyched since Charlaine Harris finally got my Viking going in the right direction!!!! And yes – totally out of character for Kim to be that open with motives. She was showing us more in PD & APB but nothing like this complete & utter truth. Kinda funny, I’ve read so much fic that follows this line lately I have to go back and re-read PD & APB to refresh my memory & shake loose what is non-canon. Glad to see it seems to be going our way. Waiting til January is going to be brutal! I think I need to make more waffles….

  8. I love Trent! Omg, I cant believe he FINALLY is falling for Rachel!!!
    Im waiting for it since book 1 and I think I was the only one hating Kisten. I agree with Kim, he had to die….Rachel needs her naughty elf!!!

    Cant wait to read Ever After! I think Rachel will fix Trent fingers, and he will kiss her 😉

      1. ha,ha, you know, I asked Kim a few months ago if rachel was becoming a nun, cause maybe living in a church gives her ideas and thats why she is so chaste lately…and she reply to me “Im going to use that”. And Kim wrote a comment a few days ago, saying she hopes Rachel get some action in EA, cause she is not a nun…

    1. Anna, if you add a transformation curse to the mix like Rachel is thinking of doing, you would then have a naked elf with fixed fingers and a kiss! hehe 😀 Now isn’t that better?

        1. I hope it’s Trent too, Donna! But I feel like Pierce and Al have a good chance too. I even think she could be kissed by more than one person again a la Pale Demon, even though I don’t want that. I’d rather Kim zero in on the HEA now (even if it isn’t consummated at this point) since things are wrapping up.

          1. I feel you may be right. Too soon for Trent, they are still fighting against their feelings for each other. Pierce more then likely to say good bye, but you are right it could be Al too. Oh or maybe Nick and kills him like she almost did with Al in Pale Demon. Wishful thinking 😀

    1. Whoa, that whole last part, after Al left, was definitely heart-melting and swoon-worthy!*dies*

      I have a feeling we’ll see a lot of teasing scenes like that one in the upcoming books. Or like this: “In that poised moment, something in him shifted, a possibility cascading over him so new that it hurt. What am I doing? I… I can’t allow myself to… to even think it.” Because, just like Trent said, they’re both very stubborn. Too stubborn to admit anything. And I love them!:))

      “Another part of him wondered what he was willing to sacrifice to save her and it scared him he didn’t know the answer.”

      And this must be one of the best, it sounds so out of character for him: *giggles*

      “Passion spiked through him. almost without volition, he reached up and grabbed her wrist, wanting to pull her down to him and kiss her soundly.” *sigh*

    2. I know he actually said he is falling in love with her, but I think this quote shows even better that he cares about her deeply:

      “He just wanted to hold her to him and tell her it would be okay, that she had survived and was beautiful.”

      That was just . . . so sweet!

    3. Favorite quotes?! I’ve NEVER quoted so much in a chapter for a book. The whole freakin’ thing, practically! But aside from what everyone else has already stated I liked:

      “Is it going to hurt when you take the bracelet off?”
      “No.” Frustrated, he shifted his chair to face her. He’d never hurt her again. It had been agony when his spell had hit her instead of Winona”

      “Heart pounding, he shoved his feelings away with a measured practice. He could not fall in love, and not with a demon, and not in the middle of a conflict! This was adrenaline. This was the excitement of playing with fire. She was able to do the things he wanted to do. He was projecting. That’s it. it was nothing real.

      There’s a ton more but I’ll see what anybody else wants to add 😛

  9. I agree with @Deea –
    “Another part of him wondered what he was willing to sacrifice to save her and it scared him that he didn’t know the answer.”
    That’s Trent admitting he loves her without even realizing it himself. That’s my favorite chapter in Rachel’s POV too. She expresses a lot of the same emotions in that scene, Trent just picks up on his own faster. Thank the gods they’re finally at least reading from the same playbook, if not the same page.

    1. @Kat – That’s a good point about Trent realizing his feelings at that point without even knowing it.

      Another quote I like is:

      “She doesn’t want to go with you,” Trent said. It wasn’t a threat. No, it was more of a promise. She wouldn’t leave unwillingly while he breathed. It was that simple.

      Then this one just made laugh: “No plan? How does this woman survive?” LOL!

  10. Its hard to chose a quote, all is amazing!
    I like a lot :
    – “He wanted it so bad, he was going to risk destroying everything he and his father had worked for. He should walk away. Right now. But as she was ushered out the door under David’s arm, all he wanted to do was follow her. What the hell was he doing, falling in love with a demon?”
    – “her soul was bare to him, the scars of her tragic past and her triumphs over pain and her aching need to find her place. He just wanted to hold her to him and tell her it would be okay, that she had survived and was beautiful.”
    – “Your hair is a tangled mess,” he said, thinking he liked it that way, like a lion’s mane.”
    – “Dampen it so I can think,” he said, and he looked up when she did, longing to touch her face in reassurance–she was shamed that she hurt him”
    – “I dont think I like this plan,” he whispered, his lips among her hair, and he breathed her in, taunting himself.”

    And when he thinks she is sexy 🙂
    oooooh and the best of all, when he realizes he had fall for her…
    Well, all the chapter is great! I wish to read chapter 21 from Trent POV too (and 27, 28)

    1. @Anna – That second quote, which I LOVE, about him seeing her bared soul and wanting to hold her…that is exactly the point in Rachel’s chapter when she is thinking this:

      “The heat of the charm lay in his eyes, the promise of what could be – what might be if I could trust another with my heart again. And it hurt me knowing it wasn’t mine.”

      One of them is going to have take that first step and just reach over, grab the other one, and kiss them senseless.

      1. Or in Trents thoughts “Kiss her Soundly”. Here is the quote…
        “Passion spiked through him. Almost without his volition, he reached up and grabbed her wrist, wanting to pull her down to him and kiss her soundly. But he stopped unable to draw her down the last few inches. ‘What are you doing?’ he wispered, wishing she would tilt her head in invitation.”
        I agree that one of them needs to take the first step. I have a feeling that will be Trent. They both know that there is an attraction there on both their parts, but they are too afraid to admit to each other or even themselves.

  11. “What the hell is he doing, falling in love with a demon?”
    Oh poor Trent, he is coming to grips with his feelings and fighting them off at the same time.

    I really liked the first chapter in EA also. Especially when Trent realizes that Rachel was with Quen having Dinner…. HEHEHE 😀

    ” ‘Rachel?’ Trent said clearly surprised. ‘I’m sorry. I must have hit the wrong button. I was trying to reach Quen.’ I held the phone tighter, my pulse pounding. His voice was beautiful, and I felt glad for having turned Quen down. ‘Ahh,’ I said, glancing up at a stoic Quen, ‘You hit the right number.’ Again Trent hesitated. ‘O-o-o-o-okay?’ ”

    and then trent asks to speak to Quen. ” ‘Sa’han?’ He hesitated. ‘Having dinner.’ Another pause, ‘ Of course Ceri knows, it was her idea.’ ”

    Its funny that with all that is happening, that Trent seems overly interested on the fact that they are on a … ah…… “Date?” hehehe… Can’t wait to see Trents reaction to the finely dressed pair together after being caught having dinner when they make it to the hospital scene.

    1. Im dying to read that too!! Specially cause the dress look fabulous on her….;)

      All the chapter is priceless, i love it. Cant wait for EA!!!

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