HOLLOWS ALERT!!! Excerpt of Ever After (Book 11) is here!

If you guys purchase (now for 99 cents though before it was free) the Pet Shop Boys short story, it includes the first excerpt of EVER AFTER! See, I love you guys so much I told you before reading it myself 😛 *now rushes off to read*

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Edit: I just finished the excerpt. Bah! There’s NEVER enough Hollows! And I honestly was thinking about Carew towers recently so it’s right on time that Kim brings it up again.

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    1. I wish I could! However my copy is DRM protected. A B&N account should be free to register and you can even download the Nook app to your computer for free, I believe. I also saw that it was posted on Google Books. Perhaps you can try that here: http://books.google.com/books?id=NjNpH2ZExucC&lpg=PP1&ots=ImNaky4XTX&dq=pet%20shop%20boys%20kim%20harrison&pg=PT9#v=onepage&q=pet%20shop%20boys%20kim%20harrison&f=false

      Let me know if that works for you. Good luck!

  1. It was well worth the $ 0.99 I just paid on Amazon. I really didn’t want to like the new characters because I so do not want Kim to stop writing about Tent, Rachel, Jenks et al. But Pet Shop Boys was very interesting. The except was tantalizing! Rachel still jumps to conclusions and speaks without thinking despite all the growing she did in Pale Demon. I had hoped that her fall back into old patterns in A Perfect Blood was meant to underscore how Rachel felt without her ley line magic, but it is still present. At least in this beginning snippet she realizes she does this. I really do hope Kim does not completely shelve the Hollows once Rachel’s story i s complete. I for one would love to know more of Quen & Ceri’s lives. I’m hungry for more Hollows now that I’ve had this taste! Amazed myself at how easily my zeal for this world and Trent & Rachel came roaring right back. At least “Into the Woods” is coming soon. It will make the wait bearable…

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