Into the Woods (The Hollows Anthology) Excerpt is Available

Into the Woods by Kim Harrison, Rachel Morgan, Trent Kalamack, JenksI gotta say I’m loving all of the new Hollows updates these days.  While the pull of the upcoming anthology’s release has motivated me to finally finish the ARC of this novel (I’ve had it since June, I’m a terrible Hollows snob, I know), I figured you guys would love to get a taste of the premiere story, Million Dollar Baby, that showcases what happens during Pale Demon as Trent and Jenks go on their bromance-filled quest.  To read it, just click here.

I’m finishing up the whole thing myself (I’m about 70% done now, made good progress today), but I made sure to read Million Dollar Baby the second I got my paws on it.  Priorities are priorities.  Either way, I can guarantee Hollows fans are in for a rare treat and some pretty interesting insights.

So, how are you liking the excerpt so far?

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  1. Man I want the ARC. I am currently reading the ARC for Felicity Heaton’s Fifth Her Angel novel in the series; Her Demonic Angel. I like it so far! Only read through chapter two; so not much to say. Have you read any of these books from the series? Ah but if I had Kim Harrison’s ARC…. HEAVEN!!!!!!! She is my favorite author!!! and Jim Butcher. I guess it sort of a tie in First Place.

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