Kate Daniels Book 6 anyone?

Keeping their promise for Kate beating Terrible in a recent poll for the better Alpha character (as if there was ever any doubt), the Andrews clan is giving us Chapter 1 of Book 6.  It’s literally hot off the press:


We are so luck that they are so awesome. Still waiting anxiously for my ARC of Gunmetal Magic myself…

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  1. Read this today. It made me cry! Awesome first chapter. I really like the fact that Curran is changing the way they deal with kids going loupe.

    1. Oh Donna Donna Donna. YES!!! Read through the first couple of books to see how you feel about it. Some don’t like the first book, but I actually do.

      1. Soooo definitely a MUST READ. Anything by Ilona Andrews is! And I agree, I love the first book, too, though each one gets better as the characters come into their own. Can’t wait for this one, though I’m not going to read the teaser. It just makes the wait longer for me, and I’m already desperate for the next book. AND the one on Andrea. AND the next Edge book. Ilona Andrews rocks! (Rock? Since it’s a pair, and all?)

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