The Hollows makes me bipolar, and tsk tsk Linda Larsson!!

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So while I’d been whining a little bit a few days ago about The Hollows getting a 13th book, my biggest harp was that I thought it’d mean we had to wait yet another year for Rachel’s HEA.  But if we still get it in 12 and 13 is a bonus, then I’ll take it! Though Kim could change her mind, if she sticks to this then I’m totally on board now :-D.  She also confirmed for me that book 12 won’t be a cliffhanger so that’s another plus!

But yeah, Linda, being a resident Your Urban Fantasy follower (yes, I’m calling you out, missy) didn’t shout this info from the rooftops!  Our other fellow follower, Diva, actually showed it to me. Still, thank you both, Linda for asking the question and Diva for sharing the answer!

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  1. I didn´t see her reply until now, either *blushes* Bad Linda, =) didn´t fill in the box that notifies me of follow-up comments… . Live and learn?
    But, *yay* for lots of HEA? And i´ll keep my fingers crossed for some smut and fluff, too.
    best wishes & Happy Easter!

  2. Yay! Thanks for posting.I missed that in the drama box. I’m excited that we’ll be able to see Rachel’s HEA and then see it play out.Yay!!

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