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Kim Harrison The Hollows 13th Book, There will be 13 Hollows Books. How many Hollows books left

So it looks like there will be 13 Hollows books after all. *SIGH*!! I may be in the minority but I was really hoping she’d cut it off at 12 since we HAVE to wait until the last book for her HEA. I’m a little bummed, I gotta say. And now with her being more tight lipped about everything from here on out, it’s going to be nearly impossible to listen to her now, lol.

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  1. I can’t say I’m disappointed to hear that :)… I haven’t really been completely absorbed by a series quite like I have The Hollows and I will be sad to see it end. I would, however, be very interested on ANY information gleamed about the CW pilot. Information has been scarce online on this casting/production front.

  2. This is all due to the new idea that her publisher and hubby put into her head isn’t it? I’m torn. On the one hand I’m happy but on the other I’m bummed. Feeling a bit bipolar about this…

    I really don’t know why she thinks the HEA can’t happen until the last book. Eh, I think I’m leaning more strongly towards wanting 12 to be the last one. UNLESS she changes her mind about letting the HEA happen in 12.

    Damn. I wonder what new idea is making her (possibly) change her mind.

  3. grrrrr. I’ll be happy to have another book to read after 12 but like Erika,I want Rachel’s HEA now. I noticed on her blog that she mentioned Ellasbeth wants back into Trent’s life.I wonder if this will be part of book 13?

    1. I sure hope not but I think the Ellasbeth a stuff would be handled earlier. Considering the little time she gives to romance as is, to extend a series an entire book for romance drama would be very uncharacteristic and I wouldn’t be a fan of that.

  4. Well, this IS discouraging. Not that I’m in a hurry to leave the Hollows, but I really want Rachel & Trent settled. Why can’t they be in love and still having adventures? Lots of series do it that way and do it well. Lily & Rule have been a couple in the Lupi series since Book 1, fighting battles together quite nicely. Mercy & Adam have been a couple for some time, and are now married. Their adventures and fun haven’t stopped. Charles & Anna (Alpha & Omega) come to mind. Merit & Ethan (Chicagoland) have been at least on and off, and now seem to be back to on again, with even more adventures to work through together. Weather Wardens…Joanne & David were in love from Book 1, and they fought mighty battles to save the world for 8 more books or so. And so on. Why can’t Rachel have her romantic happiness, even if there are still big adventures ahead in The Hollows? Can’t they even DATE or something? Perhaps the occasional sleep-over? I could live with that, until they are ready to declare undying love for each other.

    But dragging out the romantic part of Rachel’s life and postponing her HEA is making me RRD. (Really, Really Disappointed.)

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Marcia. I have no idea why Kim thinks Rachel can’t find her romantic HEA until the very end when there are so many other good authors proving that it doesn’t have to be that way.

      1. Oh I know right? I would love some screentime with the HEA, not sure why she sees that as a necessary end to a series. Who knows, perhaps a HEA doesn’t even mean a relationship.

  5. If Kim wants to go on to 13, 14 or 15 Hollows books, it would make me very happy! I do agree that Rachel’s HEA doesn’t have to end the series, in fact I wish that Kisten had been her HEA and that they had been able to work together as the series continued. The Hollows world has so many great characters possibilities for interesting plot lines, I will be very sad when the series comes to an end.

  6. This may be wishful thinking on my part, but I think KH will give Rachel some time with her HEA. My gut feeling is that it will be Trent from the writing but also by the way she talked about the elevator scene with him and Rachel in PB at her recent book signing. She was practically giddy when talking about it and she also said that she’d been wanting to get them in an elevator together for a long time.

    Maybe they become a couple in book 12 and then we get a glimpse of them together in the last two books? KH was going to write a love interest for Rachel in PB but shied away from it based on fan reaction. So, if Rachel is not going to have another love interest with a side character, she hasn’t had sex since book 8 or a full-on relationship since Kisten, makes me think we will get some happy happy in the next two books. 🙂

  7. I personally asked Kim about the HEA and she was adimit that it will not happen till the very end. Granted that was asked prior to the confirmation of book 13. She was thinking about the possibility of book 13 at the time, but was not approved yet by publisher/editor. I would absolutely love the idea of book 13 to be with Rachel HEA in it, but I do not believe that is the case with Kim Harrison. I am excited with book 13 and I know I will not be disappointed in the additional book, however I need more from Rachel and Trent. Seriously . . . Dragging out a romance like this over many number of books can get tiring! Gotta give fans something to hold on to. Long story short if I had a choice with dragging out romance till book 13 or getting it with book 12. 12 BOOKS WINS….

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