A Perfect Blood Giveaway! Winners have been selected BUT

Hi everyone! Well it looks like we have our two winners! But as I entered the names in my spreadsheet in order, I noticed several users share the same name and one of our winners happens to be one of those people (ie: we have more than one “Tiffany”).  So to avoid any confusion I won’t announce them here at this time, but the winners have been contacted and they are free to comment on this post about it. I am floored that over 100 of you entered! I am so happy to have a bunch of Hollows fans around!  I started loving this series when there wasn’t a lot of fandom so it’s good to have a sense of community.

Anyway, I want to thank every one of you for following Your Urban Fantasy and I am really excited that the book is going to come out in the few days! You all know that I practically love Hollows everything so there will definitely be future giveaways of this series and more.  I’m particularly looking forward to her anthology later this year with Trent/Jenks’s side story from Pale Demon called “Million Dollar Baby”.  If you don’t know, it’s about Trent and Jenks’ HUGE secret mission from that book. There’s no way I can resist reading about that bromance.

Also, if you guys would like me to do a giveaway for the paperback of A Perfect Blood I’ll arrange that too. We’ll see what’s going on later in the year.

I’m really pumped that the release is so close and I’d love to hear what you all think when you get your hands on it! I’ll “sticky” my review for a few days starting Tuesday if you have any 2 cents to add ~_^.

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