Parting is such sweet sorrow! But we have a winner…

A Perfect Blood giveaway Okay, as you can see I had a good little cry and now I’m ready to part with an old friend (at least that’s what any Hollows book feels like to me).  But it’s okay! I know it’s going to a great home and it will be loved, cherished, and cared for…and hopefully read super fast so that said new owner can chat with me stat about all of the awesome!!

And the winner is: Diva!  Enjoy it! I’ll be sending you an email and tweet shortly.

Thanks guys for joining up on my blog and twitter.  I will post a review of the book a few weeks before it comes out, but you can check my Goodreads account if you can’t wait for a few juicy details (aka spoilers) and my general musings.  I wish you all could have won it, but when the book is released in February I am going to do another giveaway for a copy of the hardcover.  And since everybody was so excited about this, I will totally do this again for EVER AFTER (Book 11’s title), and…*sniff* *sniff* Book 12 when it aaaall ends.

You guys know that you can always reach me here or on Twitter.  And if any of you guys are on Goodreads, feel free to friend me or PM me about anything.  I always love hearing from my Hollows peeps! You guys are the best!

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    1. It’s not out yet, Jenn. The official release isn’t until February. This is for the ARC (advanced reading copy), which is an uncorrected proof of the book. It’s not even hardcover.

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