(A Perfect Blood – Advanced Reading Copy) Okay, here it goes! I’m doing my first giveaway and it’s BIG!

A Perfect Blood ARC

Calling all Hollows fans!  Want a coveted copy of this bad boy?  Well, you certainly won’t get it before I’ve read it, muhaha.  Even still, I’m willing to part with it for the good of the fandom.  What you’re in for is a chance to win an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of “A Perfect Blood” (The Hollows, Book 10) by Kim Harrison.  The official copy isn’t due out until February 21, 2012, but here is your chance to read it early.  I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway on my blog for a while now, so I figured what better way to kick it off than to use my favorite series?

Anyway, with the books coming into the home stretch, I’m sure we’re all getting ancy to know what will happen next.  I’m in a giving mood this holiday season and let’s hope Ms. Harrison is too, adding more yummy Trent and Al—I’m sure they’d look great in Santa hats…and ONLY Santa hats.  So you want this ARC? All you have to do is:

    1. Sign up on the right to follow my blog and Twitter.  Current followers can just say so and I will automatically add an entry for you. If you only sign up for the blog I will count your entry once, but if you follow me on Twitter too you’ll get a bonus entry, doubling your chances.
    2. Comment on this post which one (or both) you signed up for.  Also, please name your favorite Hollows book and tell me why.  Series discussion among posters is welcome, but please keep it friendly. Beware of spoilers. [UPDATE]: You can vote here as well.
    3. Wait it out until I announce the winner.  One lucky person will be randomly selected.   Feel free to read a few reviews while you’re hanging around ~_^.

The giveaway will last until Monday, December 26th, 9 p.m. EST.  I would have ended it before Christmas, but USPS will be closed on Monday to honor the federal holiday, so I will not be able to send the book until Tuesday.  Make sure the email address you use when you post matches the address you signed up with so that I can contact you and confirm your entry.  I will mail the book to the winner on Tuesday, December 27th.  I am willing to send it practically anywhere around the world.  If you are under 18, I would need to mail it to your parent or legal guardian.

If you’re a Goodreads friend, I apologize ahead of time for the reminder posts you’ll probably see in your updates.  It won’t last forever, promise!

Good luck, guys! It was by a stroke of luck myself that I came across this at all.  I wish I had enough for all of the hardcore Hollows fans…

Any questions, just ask!

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  1. Hey Erika! Totally love this give-away-for-christmas ARC.

    Anyway, to answer point 2, my favourite book in The Hollows series would be (of course) Pale Demon (9th installment). I am a TOTAL fan of that book! There are a lot of Trent-actions in Pale Demon, not just physically of course, but the readers see Trent in a new light. I just hope there are more Trent-and-Rachael moments in this 10th installment of the series.

    Advanced Happy Christmas!

    Pamela M.

  2. OMG! Even if I don’t win (I never win, but oh well), I love you for this opportunity!<3 And you already read it?! *turns purple with blogger envy* Ok, just kidding. :))

    So, I'm already subscribed to your blog (andreea.c88 at gmail.com) and a Twitter Follower now (@DeeutzAs).

    As for my favorite Hollows book… Pale Demon. Chapter 31. Need I say more? LOL *faints* Oh my Trent! *dreamy sigh*

    1. Thank you. Seeing the enthusiasm is a lot of fun, but I feel kinda bad too because there can only be one winner.

      And yeah, the last THREE chapters were all kinds of epic!

  3. Please, Erika!

    I will fall at your feet and kneel… LOL!

    Absolutely love the series and can’t wait for a Perfect Blood!

    I am a subscriber to your blog (VampyKitten78@yahoo.com) and I also am now following you on Twitter (VampyKitten78)

    Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy.

    Your fellow Erica,
    ~Erica Chilson

      1. Actually my favorite was Pale Demon. I always liked Trent, even from the beginning when he was a complete Douche. PD had a lot of Trent. Yeah, I know, most hate him. I’m a weird one. I actually feel bad for Big Al at the end of the book as well. Can’t wait to see how the story progresses!

        At first when I tried the series I read a sample chapter and couldn’t get into it. A friend insisted that I read anyway. I was glad I did. This is one of my favorite series. I read book one through Black Magic Sanction in about a week… Then I had a very long wait for Pale Demon, Just as I am *not so* patiently awaiting a Perfect Blood… =)

  4. Hiiii!!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me know about this, this is an awesome giveaway and you know I’d love you forever if I win! *praying to the Gods of Random!!!*
    I’m following via email (fmg_29 at yahoo dot com) and twitter (fmg_29)
    My favorite book now has to be the last one. The storyline was great and I just loved everyone’s interactions and the few glimpses of Trent’s skin we got and the ending gahhhhhh


    1. No problem Francesca (are you okay with Fran? I have a habit of using nicknames, lol). Of all the PMs on Goodreads, there’s no way I would keep you in the dark, hehe. Thanks for following. Yeah, book 9 was just a complete home run in the Trent Department (or as close as we can expect for now). I am soooo anxious to see how Book 10 can keep it going.

  5. Thank you for this AMAZING giveaway! I subscribed by email (neverbakeinblack). I love the Hollows! My favorite so far was Pale Demon, because it was spectacular. The road trip is excellent, and Ku’Sox was scary!

    OMG I can’t wait to read this book! I really hope I get to read it early 🙂

    1. Thanks for following, Kate! I think I will make this an annual tradition if I can because everyone’s so excited about it, hehe. I love the Hollows a TON (it’s my favorite series if you didn’t know), so it’s extra special when there’s excitement among us hardcore fans!

      And Ku’Sox really was a scary mean bastard! I don’t think we’re done with him either.

  6. I sooooooo want this book. Must have this book. Although I never win these things, I can’t stop trying. I follow your blog and on twitter as well. My favorite book is Pale Demon because I loved the Trent/Rachel action.I loved that the Ivy thread is almost done and Rachel finally sees herself as she is.Al and Vivan also need mentions.In PD when Vivian is trying to sleep and Ivy keeps waking her up is priceless.Thanks Erika for the chance to win this baby!

    1. Thanks for following, Cher! I totally feel you on never winning these things. You know how it went with the costume contest. You just never know sometimes, but you should always try!

  7. This would be AMAZING. As we have discussed, The Hollows is my (our) favorite series and patience is not one of my virtues.

    I honestly don’t think I could pick a favorite book but I did think Pale Demon was an excellent addition to the series. It’s all one big story to me, so after so many books it’s hard for me to remember what happened in each one :). I love when Rachel went to Mackinaw, though, and thought the wolves were super interesting (also, of course, I loved BIG Jinx!).

    I heard there’s some great Trent/Rachel interaction in A Perfect Blood, so I’m stoked for that. I’ve been a fan of Trent’s since book 1. I love how Kim writes her books, though – she sees where the characters/story takes her, instead of planning the whole thing out in advance or making things up to keep pumping out novels. I think that’s why they’re so good.

    I am your loyal twitter and blog follower now (twitter – hisgirlfriday20 – favorite movie!). So GIVE ME THE BOOK! 🙂

    Your Fellow Hollows Obsessor,

    1. Thanks for following, Kat. May the Excel randomizer god be with you, lol. As for your favorites. Pale Demon is definitely my fave, but I think you’re referring the Book 4 for the other road trip. That’s Kim Harrison’s second favorite behind Pale Demon. As for Book 10, If there’s great interaction I’d love to read it!

      Interesting method you mention with Kim’s process. I think it works great for her, but with other authors that can lead to a complete disaster and you get to a point where you don’t even recognize the characters anymore.

  8. OMG! I am such a Hollows Fan! Love Al & Jenks! My favourite book was THE OUTLAW DEMON WAILS!
    Thanks for the opportunity! I am a email follower as well as Twitter!
    You rock for this awesome giveaway! :D:D:D
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks for following! Al and Jenks are literary gold, no doubt about it. ODW is in my top 5, mainly because I was relieved that the story was still great even after we lost Kisten.

      Happy Holidays!

  9. I don’t tweet, but I did sign up to follow your blog!

    Pale demon has to be my favorite. I loved the story line, yummy Trent, just everything! Rachel seemed to really step it up in this book.

    Thanks so much!!

  10. 1. Signed up for updates on your blog via email. Thank you!
    2. Favorite Hollows book: For a Few Demons More. I love it for many reasons. Although heartbreaking, there are really beautifully written scenes. This book has a lot of depth, but also really fun highlights: a) Kisten’s gift to Rachel **SPOILER – trying to be vague with these -* b) Jenks’ deed, and c) arresting you-know-who at his wedding is priceless. END SPOILER** (Pale Demon was a really really close second. Loved it! Already rearead it! Kim’s books keep getting better and better. Plus, she has THE best, most human, fun and alive characters in UF)
    3. I’ll be waiting with baited breath! Thanks for the contest, Erika!!

    1. Thank you for following, Debbie! I can’t decide between Book 5 or 6 for which one I liked more, but they are really close together in my top 5. Book 5 was such an emotional rollercoaster. I’ve never laughed harder than with the wedding scene, and never been so depressed or angry. You don’t have to worry about spoilers since I indicated in my post for people to beware of them.

  11. I am following your blog 😀 missie25524@netzero.com and following you on Twitter, MissieJones1.

    My Favorite Hollows book is a hard one…hummm I love them All and I mean All, But If I have to pick Just one of them it would have to be the 1st Dead Witch Walking. I Fell in love with the series because Rachel was a Kick butt Heroine, and all the different Creatures, Problems she had to face. 😀

    1. Book 1 is where it all begins. Interestingly enough, this is my favorite series but I put book 1 down after a few pages. I just couldn’t get into it, but my bff yelled at me to pick it back up and when I finally did, after Rachel got caught in Trent’s office as a rat I was a fan forever, lol. Thanks for following, Missie!

  12. Love this idea!!! Im already a follower of your blog here … godwinh@gmail.com …Signed up a few weeks ago when we talking on Goodreads. But I just “follow”ed you on twitter as … Zara_SPN ….

    And trying to pick a favorite book out of this series is soooo difficult, but if I had to, then I guess my favorite would be Pale Demon (book nine). That book had me hooked from start to finish. Im a huge fan of this series anyhow and have been since Dead Witch Walking (book one) but Pale Demon just had something a little special. The pain Rachel went through in Pale Demon was written so well. And Im not just talking physical, but the emotional as well. I loved the amount of Trent we got in this book … Loved his “elf quest”…and then theres Algaliarept… Oh my!! Love me some Big Al. I also loved the description of the witches convention and the Ever After.. when Rachel was in the collective.. wow.. spectacular writing!!! The dream sequence when she’s “baking cookies” while in the in/between while her soul is healing was such a cool idea! I could go on and on about how terrific this book was. This whole series is my fav out of anything I’ve ever read. And how cool is it that KH not only gives us this amazing series but a world book and a graphic novel too. Such great things!

    1. Glad you love it! It was definitely a popular decision. Thanks for following!

      And yeah, it’s awesome that Kim love to expand the series! Though personally I loved the World Book, but I wasn’t as big of a fan of the graphic novel. I used to read a ton of manga so I was hoping for more, but maybe volume 2 will be better. Kim’s a superwoman, I swear.

  13. Wow. I’m not sure that I could part with a Hollows ARC when I was doen reading it but I sure am glad that you can, lol. I’m now following your blog (g.veronica87@yahoo.com) and your twitter (I’m rove4).

    My favorite Hollows book is, no surprise, Pale Demon. I loved all the Jenks and Trent and especially now that they seem to be sorta/kinda friends. I also loved that we got to see deeper layers of the elf. Like Rachel, we got to see him afraid, vulnerable, and down to his last option. I’ve always thought that Rachel and Trent were on parallel, journeys of discovery, about themselves and especially about each other. They started this series with such rigid views about each other but they’ve slowly started to move towards the center, towards each other, as their understanding of each other has grown and deepened. Pale Demon represented such huge development for them and that is why it is my favorite to date.

    1. Well it’s not in my mitts yet (I won’t meet up with my bff until the weekend and she’s reading it first), but I think after I read it I can pass it along. I kept the Pale Demon ARC and ended up with that, the hardcover, the ebook, AND the eARC!!

      Are you by chance the Diva from Kim’s Drama Box? If so, I LOVE your posts and was hoping we could friend some sort of way!!! I’m on there occasionally, but I don’t post too much. Either way, I love keeping up with my Hollows peeps.

      As for Pale Demon, The Trent/Jenks Bromance is the BEST! I am SO pumped for Million Dollar Baby!

      As for Trent and Rachel, that’s so poetic! I love it! Thanks or following!

  14. Hi! Thanks for sharing this! My favorite book of the series is Pale Demon. Rachel and Trent’s turning the corner FINALLY may be the reason 🙂 I also liked Al and getting more info on everyone. Lots of action. It was just an awesome book. One of my favorites from 2011.

    Happy Holidays and good luck to everyone!


    1. No problem! As I said earlier, I love my Hollows peeps and seeing how excited you all are makes it worth it! Thanks for following!

      Pale Demon really did turn their world upside down, no?

  15. *butts in again* Just like Kat here said, The Hollows is a big great story in my head (and in my heart) so the lines between each book are a little fuzzy. But I agree with Hazel (*waves* I’ve been stalking those goodreads discussions too), Pale Demon was so well written, there’s so much emotion in it and really well crafted! I mean, I love Kim Harrison’s writing style, but here it’s like it was at its best. Very well balanced everything. And Al is awesome, but I think he actually grew on me in Pale Demon.
    Can’t wait to read A Perfect Blood and chat about it with you all! Oh, and did you see the title for book #11 – Ever After? Cool!

    1. I started to love Al around Book 7. He really caught me off guard, and then Kim drove it home that he IS a demon. My favorite quote from Book 7:

      “From the back came an unearthly, satisfied chuckle. All I could see in the rearview mirror was a dark shadow with red goat-slitted eyes. Fear slithered through me.
      Shit, I have a demon in my backseat. What in hell am I playing with?
      “Good witch,” Al said, his voice coming from nothing, and I stifled a shudder. “You’re starting to understand.”

      And yea, I head about Book 11’s title. Kim’s moving and shaking!

  16. My favourite was the very first one. The introduction to the world that’s kept me hooked! I love to find new exciting books and i havent looked back!

    I follow on twitter under @Read_2_Review (site twitter)
    And on email on my kate @ read2review dot com

  17. Thanks for posting about this on goodreads. I love following new blogs, definitely about one of my favorite genres (UF). I am following your blog (nikkic1998 at gmail dot com) and am now following you on Twitter – @kricketcollins

    Wow – my favorite Hollows book!!??? That’s a hard one. My favorite had been “A Fistful of Charms” – loved Jenks “Biggie sized”. I have the first 4 books on audio & the narrator, Marguerite Gavin, does an Awesome job!! She made this book come to life. I don’t know if it totally passed it up, but “Pale Demon” is running right there with it. I am a big Trent fan and having him & Rachel going cross-country together was Awesome!! We found out so much more about Trent in this book, plus Rachel’s demon side. Wow!!! I soooooooo hope I can win the ARC!! Here’s keeping my fingers crossed =D

    1. Thanks for the support, Kristin! I’m pretty new to this blog thing, but I’m going to try!

      I think I’ve only heard a couple of chapters on the audio book. She did sound pretty good. A lot of fans praise her. I’d love to get the first 4 books in hardcover at some point. Big Jenks was so much fun. I would have loved book 4 a lot more if it had more Trent. What can I say, I love the son of a bastard!

  18. So excited to read this book rather i win or not but i would so love to win an ARC to get started on it right away.

    I joined your blog as well as followed you on twitter.

    My favorite book would have to be For a Few Demons More because it was the book that started it all for me. I had ordered it from an online book club and liked the cover and thought i would give it a go, As im reading it im like so confused as to the turn and references so i research and find out its book five (lol) I stop and go back and find all the earlier books and read back to back back up to book five and if it wasnt from that book i would have not known about ms harrison or my love for urban romance

    1. Thanks for following, Horace!

      WOW! You started on Book 5! I love the Hollows but I’m sure you know they don’t work very well as standalones. I’ve read a few ARCs out of order, but luckily the books are okay as a standalone. You just feel like you’re already in the mix.

      Book 5 definitely had some classic moments. How did Kisten’s fate affect you since that was the first book? I usually get emotionally attached to characters over time.

      1. Hey Erika T…Once I finally realized that there were things i couldnt quite understand i went back and researched and found out that there were books before 5. i stopped immediately and started from book one and worked my way back up to five and then beyond

  19. I almost can’t type because oh a drooling problem… the thought of getting my hands on that particular ARC… *pleasant quivers of joy*…
    I’m following via email: loonyalana@yahoo.com… sadly I’m not part of the “Tweet” nation- It’s just not for me. Would cut too much into my Goodreads and actual reading time…

    Favorite book… that really is a hard one for me. There are so many of them I love for different reasons… like Dead Witch Walking, just because we are first introduced to Rachel’s world (back when Nick still seemed “good”)… For a Few Demons More… Kisten (*sigh) Kisten…. Even Black Magic Sanction… just seeing all the characters further grow and reveal deeper levels… I’m still on the fence about the latest installment though. I want Trent and Rachel to just do it already and get it over with! I think sex would just help melt the silly barriers between them.

    I’ve tried to get my friends to read the books… tried so hard to make it to her book signing here in Texas earlier this year- but sadly car problems and lack of babysitter prevented my attendance. *Crossing my fingers*

    Come here little burning bunny… I’ve got a yummy carrot for you!

    1. Twitter’s not for everybody and that’s okay! I was against it for the longest, lol. Thanks for following though!

      I like your line of thinking! I’ve met Kim three times now at two different events. I met her at Comic Con in San Diego this summer (there’s actually a pic of me and my friend on her site). I turned that particular friend onto The Hollows actually. I hope you can make the book signing this time around. Is she coming to Texas on her next tour. She’s super nice and pleasant.

  20. Thanks for the opportunity! Following you on twitter now: frannymiller and your blog.

    Favorite book is book 4. Can’t remember the name right now, but I was distraught over *spoiler* —-


    1. Book 4 was called A Fistful of Charms. This is a spoiler friendly zone, so speak away! I’m curious what you were going to say, lol.

      Thanks for following!

  21. Hi Erika, Love Pale Demon, lots of Trent and Racheal interaction and a different side of Al.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a ARC copy of Prefect Blood!!

  22. Thanks for the chance to win an ARC of this book! I love all the different species Kim Harrison include in her stories. I think my favorite book in the series would have to be the first one because that is the one that got me started on this amazing series.

    1. Thanks for following, Kimberly! Just to make sure, are you following me via the blog, Twitter or both? The first book is surprisingly getting a nice number of votes. I’ll work on a poll tomorrow evening because I’m ever so curious.

  23. Signed up to follow your blog via email and to follow you on twitter.

    My favorite is Pale Demon like so many of the others have said. I mainly love it because of the Al scenes and getting to know Trent better. But truly, I love Al. I don’t know what it is about that demon, but I love him. I liked what more we got to see of Newt as well. She didn’t seem quite so crazy and is an interesting chick. Also, Jenks. I love Jenks.

    1. Thanks for following, Mello. Are you a Death Note and Bleach fan by chance?

      All awesome reasons to love Pale Demon. I did as well for the same. Al is probably my favorite character in the series now.

  24. I love this series. It is one of my favorites. I’ve only read up to book 5 (For A Few Demons More) and it is my favorite so far. I loved and hated the ending (not gonna spoil it in case someone hasn’t read it yet). The twists in the plots just make me want to read the next book even more.

    1. Thanks for following, Michelle! Just to confirm, are you following o the blog, Twitter or both?

      No worries about spoilers here. I told posters to beware. By Book 10 they should know a few things, lol. If you win you’ll be set up quite nice being able to read it all back to back!

  25. Thank you for letting us in on this great giveaway. I am following both. My favorite book so far has been Pale Demon. I feel like it just tied the series up to a point. We finally have answers about some things but more questions. LOL I loved the whole demon world and all of the interaction we got there. WOW and Papa Trent I wasn’t Team Trent before this book but I must say I like him now. Well good luck everyone! 🙂

    1. Thanks for following, Cristy! Pale Demon definitely seemed to bring people around a little more towards Trent. As for me, for some reason I’ve been Team Trent from the start, EVEN when she was with Kisten. I mean, I *liked* her with Kisten too, but I still wanted to see Trent action. Considering how much I obviously love vampires, preferring the elf is a huge deal for me, lol.

  26. Oh wow, that’s really an amazing giveaway 😀
    I am following you via mail and twitter.
    After some googling for the English titles (this would be the first Hollows book I’d read in English, up to now I’m only owning the German translations) I can say that my favorite book so far is Pale Demon, but I actually love all the books, they just keep getting better and better and more fascinating with each prequel so the last one up to now is, logically, the best one.

    1. The response to the giveaway has been equally amazing and I’m really thrilled to see so many of us Hollows fans in one place. I would love to hear how you compare the English with the German version. It’s not official yet, but I am planning to do another giveaway when the hardcover is released on February 21, so if you don’t win this one you can always try for that one. It would arrive before the German translation is available, I’m sure 😛 Thanks for following!

  27. I heard about your blog through Goodreads and had to check it out. Kim Harrison is my favorite author but I’m always on the look out for another great book. For A Few Demons More was my fav book in the series for a long time but I think Pale Demon finally took it’ place. Who could pass up all that Trent and Al action! I’m on the fence about who I like more Trent or Al so hopefully the next book can help me decide. Thanks for the giveaway there always fun. I’m looking forward to reading some of your reviews as well, my TBR pile is always hungery for more.(gbluecat at yahoo dot ca).

    1. Thanks for following, Gwendalla! I definitely try to put the worthy books here on my blog along with series I follow regularly. Sometimes I fall out of love with some series, but I try to be honest. I’m behind on a couple of reviews right now, including a new favorite, but I will catch up soon.

      As for The Hollows, I loved Book 3 the most at first because it had all of the Trent and Kisten. I loved book 5 too for that reason, but because of the ending I couldn’t quite put it above 3. But yeah, Pale Demon is definitely my favorite now too. I think I love Al the most as a character, but I’m Team Trent when it comes to Rachel’s HEA. It’s a weird spot to be in, lol.

  28. Ohh ohh ooh… Thank you!!!
    That ‘d make a terrific Xmas gift, plus it’s 2 month of waiting cleared = that much hair that doesn’t grow white lol.
    My favorite book is, no contest, for a few demons more. It’s the one Rachel really starts getting in touch with her demon side, and Newt was there at the beginnig, and I’m a huge fan of Newt! To say it briefly, everything in it was good, there were heaps of drama & love & death!But I think the last two were slowing a bit, and Pale Demon was really an extension of BMS…. Hope this one will beat’em all, fingers crossed!

    Following you on the Blog& Goodreads

    Oh and btw I’m Sophie on Goodreads, I came here from your post in the cassie Palmer Series. Thank you for letting everyone know,& cool blog :p

    1. You’re welcome, Sophie! Thanks for the support! I hope to evolve the blog over time as well, but I hope I’m off to a good start.

      As for The Hollows, Book 5 is sounding like a solid second place for favorite books! I certainly can’t argue it. It was the definition of an emotional roller coaster, even more than Pale Demon as I think about it.

  29. Hi, I want in on the chance to win the ARC. I am now currently following both your blog and you twitter ^.^ The Hollows is one of my dearest series; my favorite book remains being the first one since is where we meet the whole gang.

    Quick question, is the giveaway open to international readers; I’m from Puerto Rico and although we use the same postal service as the USA does (USPS, FedEx, etc) some people wont mail here.

    1. Thanks for following, Mel. You want in, you’re in! The giveaway is open to international readers as long as the mailing company (UPS, USPS or FedEx) says I can mail it there. I’ve mailed gifts to friends in Japan and Korea, so I think I can handle Puerto Rico should you win ~_^. We’d figure it out.

  30. Winning or not, it’s a win that The Hollows is alive! My favorite is the first, Dead Witch Walking as it was the first one I read and it turned me on to this incredible series. Harrison has created such a unique world of witches, vampires, shifters, demons, and all the other supes out there along with an incredible cast of characters you can’t help but identify with. This series makes me cry and laugh, hold my breath, tremble in my seat, and pant for the next installment.

    1. Awww, that was nice to read, kddidit. I’m such a huge Hollows nut and I believe the series comes alive on the pages as well as in our hearts. That’s why there are so many here in this thread. The Hollows is a true gem.

      Thanks for following! Could you tell me if you’re following me on one or both? I just want to make sure I can find everything okay and add it to my spreadsheet.

  31. Awesome giveaway! I love the Hollows books but I really need to catch up. I think I’m two or three books behind 🙁 My favourite would probably be the first though. I was pretty new to urban fantasy when I found it and the storyline and characters just sucked me in and I ended up hooked. The whole world is incredibly unique and the depth of the world building is outstanding. I even got the seeds and tried growing the Angel tomatoes myself!

    PS – I follow you by email and on Twitter as ProjecttobeRead

    1. Thanks for following, Claire! The first was great. I think it was the first general Urban Fantasy book that I really go into. Before that I only wanted to read about vampires.

  32. Congrats on your first giveaway and what a great one it is.
    I actually haven’t read any of the series yet. It has been on my wishlist for almost a year. So winning this would be an excellent way to make sure I get to the series sooner rather than later.

    I signed up to follow your blog via email

    1. Thank you, WAB (can I call you that?). This is a great series. I’ve been a fan since 2005, so i haven’t had to opportunity to read them all back to back, but I’ve heard of people that get sucked in an read them in 2-3 weeks once they get started.

  33. Ok let me see I am following you on your blog, and twitter. And I hate to say this but I haven’t read any of books from this series, but I will go look into that right now because they do look appealing, so I have some catching up to do. Thanks

    1. That’s what this place is for, Tana! I love reviewing books that I think people would really enjoy. The Hollows is my fave, so it’s easy! Thanks for following and I look forward to seeing how you like the series ^_^

  34. Congratulations on a giveaway as great as Kim Harrison! To top it off an ARC of her up coming book A Perfect Blood. What a perfect Christmas giveaway!

    I know a lot of people are saying this but, my favorite book is Pale Demon also. You get to see Trent in a new light, find out about the real reason why there is the tension between Rachel and him. It makes more sense and the more you read the books, their is more between them then the elf and demon thing.

    Then there is the Al and Rachel business. If it wasn’t for Newt, Al would be crispy fried! Poor Jenks being nabbed. The relationship turning point with Pierce. There was so many points that I could write endless!

    1. Thank you, Lindsay! It’s only fitting considering how huge of a fan I am of the books. I can’t wait to see Kim flesh out Trent and Rachel even more as well. Pale Demon packed a ton of stuff, no doubt.

      Oh, and could you tell me how you’re following? Blog, twitter or both?

      1. I found out from goodreads, through the Karen Chance fan group that I follow. I do not have a twitter account unfortunately.

        I am very excited about the Trent and Rachel thing to progress..I cannot wait! She is one of my favorite authors and so pumped to see what she does with this next book!

  35. Thanks so much for the ARC giveaway! Definitley in the christmas spirit!!! Thanks!!!

    So my favourite Hollows book…. that would have to be Black Magic Sanction. I think. I’ve read the Hollow’s series so many times it’s kinda getting all jumbled up in my head! But my favourite scene is with the grilled cheese and i think that happens in BMS and also i just love the interaction between Al and Rachel. it’s just so interesting to see how they are noe as opposed to when they were trying to kill eachother and now they’re actually friends! it’s kind unpredictable what might happen between them and i love that. also my favourite scenes between them are in this book (i think). i know kim harrison said that it wasnt probable that anyting would happen between them, but it will never stop me from rooting for it. I just love Al. He makes everything nicer and more interesting. wierd to say that about a demon but there it is. Anyway i hope this was enough to be in the competition. **crossing fingers**

    I think i just made a mess of the above paragraph!!

    1. No problem, Sadaf. Thanks for dropping by. Could you tell me how you’re following? Blog, Twitter or both? I need to enter it into my spreadsheet.

      Honestly, I gotta say that around Black Magic Sanction I wasn’t sure where the series was going to go. I got a little disgruntled because I’m not a Pierce fan at all (no offense to those who love him). With not a lot of Trent in the mix, Al definitely saved that book for me. I think he’s one of the most dynamic characters in all of Urban Fantasy.

  36. Are you kidding for an ARC of this book I will stalk your blog daily and leave comments on all your posts. I am following your blog as Heidi and twitter as @rnydayramblings and I am adding you as a Goodreads friend!
    Ok favorite book in the series by far Pale Demon. I loved the whole road trip with the gang having them cooped up together in the car trying not to kill each other. Loved all the witty commentary. I really am liking Bis the gargoyle and I want way more of him. I liked the kinder side of Trent too. I am hoping that things are going to move toward a more amiable…ahem amorous relationship between the two. That would be so awesome I kind of want to see Rachel eat a little crow and admit Trent isn’t all bad because I like the guy. And Al? Well you never know what he is going to do next love that guy err demon. Anyway enough rambling! You get the point! I love this series! Thanks for the opportunity to win the next book!
    Happy Holidays! When are you posting a review?

    1. Thanks for following and friending, Heidi! I really appreciated it. I can totally tell Pale Demon’s your favorite. Mine too for exactly all of the reasons you listed as well as the Trent/Jenks bromance <3.

      I am going to post a review probably in January or perhaps sooner if I have the time. This will be the first place to get it, believe it. Over the holidays I will be off from work but I will probably be spending lots of time with family so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to sit down and crank out a review.

  37. I have your back on Twitter, following your blog – My favorite Hollows book: Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1)

    I think Kim’s first four books were kick ass, LYAO funny. Then Harrison took a turn and her books slowly became more serious, still has the humor, but deeper, darker, if that makes sense? Loved Pale Demon (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows #9), though. I’m a die hard Harrison fan. Always purchase the book for my (small) local library and kindle them for my reading pleasure. Will do the same with A Perfect Blood (The Hollows, #10), if I don’t win the contest.

    Thanks for the opportunity – Good luck all!


    1. Thanks for the support, Susan! I definitely agree about the series. But still it’s overall very good. I never miss a chance to get the Hollows. When it’s release day, it’s mine…though in this case it’s mine before release day for a brief period before I give it away, hehe.

      1. Yep, I usually pre order, start the book and then order the kindle. I was hoping she and Trent would hop on it even though I really don’t trust him. But hell, I was probably the only reader that truely wanted her to hook up with Ivy, like forever, like through three or four relationships. She’s like this bad boy bum magnet. I’ll hold firm that the first books rocked – laugh out loud funny.

      2. I was okay with the Ivy idea only back during the Nick days because he was uber lame. Though to be honest, I wanted her and Trent to hook up even back then as a guilty pleasure, lol. I never expect Kim to take it this far but since she has, I’m totally on the Team Trent Train. The first 4 books were totally LOL funny, but you know, in Book 5 when Rachel ruins the wedding I was dying. The cell phone…PRICELESS!!

      3. Yeah, Nick was a jerk. He returned in another book in the series, yes? And, girl, the cell phone at the wedding is one scene I will never get out of my head. Absolutely the best LMAO scene in any of her books so far, hell, in any book I have ever read.

        My guess with the new book is that Rach hooking up with Trent will have something to do with the child everyone seems to want her to have. And wasn’t Trent soooo cute with his daughter? Rach being able to hold the child also makes me think it’s gonna happen. We’ll see!


  38. Hey! Thanks for posting on my profile on GR about this giveaway! I would love to win an ARC of this book! I honestly can’t wait for A Perfect Blood! My favourite book in the series had to be Pale Demon, simply because there was lots of Trent and Rachel scenes which are the best scenes IMO 😉 Arghhh I really hope they get it on in this book!!!

    I subscribed to your blog under this email address – tasnim-sheikh(AT)hotmail(DOT)com
    I also follow you on twitter – @star_light91
    We’re friends on GR too – Tasnim

    Thanks for the giveaway! Happy holidays! 🙂
    Tasnim x

    1. No prob, Tasnim and thanks for following! Definitely agree with you about PD. I don’t think they’ll be getting it on in this book, but I am hoping and wishing Kim makes them HEA and then of course we wanna see the action!

  39. OOO I absolutely LOVE this series, It is one of my top favorite!! I followed you on twitter and on the blog. My Twitter name is SexySusie85 and my email is susiebranum(at)ymail(dot)com. I don’t think I can choose just one book to be my favorite, I loved them all and I haven’t read Pale Demon yet, I’m waiting for the next book so I can read the whole series over again since it’s been a while since I read them. I will say that I cried when Kisten died! He was a favorite of mine and that really upset me, BUT… I am really anxious so see what happens with Trent, since I started to warm up to his character in Black Magic Sanction. So I REALLY hope to win so I can start re-reading the series! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win this AWESOME book!

  40. This is a Great giveaway! I’ve signed up to follow your blog by e-mail (drtracieprovost@yahoo.com).
    I have a really hard time coming up with my favorite Hollows book because they are all excellent! I think in the end it has to be ‘Dead Witch Walking.’


  41. I am an email follower and twitter follower (k28dalton). My favorite book was the last one I think. I am Team Trent so that pretty much tells you why I liked it without giving any spoilers . Thanks for being so generous and giving away your copy!

  42. This giveaway is ahhhhmazing. i signed up through my email (jgoic001@fiu.edu). I do not have twitter.

    My favorite book in the Hollows series is definitely the last one, Pale Demon. Mostly for the kissing scene at the end between Trent and Rachel. Yup. I’m easy that way.

    Also though, I feel like Ivy was getting closer to finally being able to let go of Rachel (in a romantic way). Plus the addition of Trent’s baby opens up so many possibilities for Trent to show other sides of himself, namely the non-jerk, non-murderous, more tender side.

    1. I agree Jessica, the baby was a clever way for Harrison to lay a path. Trent my be a real jerk, but hey, Rachel is a bad-boy magnet. LOL His child may mellow him a bit. We can hope.

      Hey, girl, give twitter a chance. I enjoy the chatter and have made some interesting friends.

      Susan Stec

    1. Carla, I remember starting DWW and thinking, whatthehell? but it didn’t take long for me to see that the Hollows was a series I needed to read. I’ve been a fan ever since.


  43. Hey Erika! I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity! I think I’d probably pass out if I won the ARC! I’ve been reading this series since it first came out in 2004 and it was insta-love! In fact, Kim’s blog is the first author blog I joined and it was in the old format with links!
    I have 2 favorite series: The first series Dead Witch Walking for introducing me to the series! Second (and this is probably the least favorite of most people) A Fistful of Charms (#4) because it takes place partly in Northern Michigan where I live and because Jinx gets to be ‘Big’ which is way cool!
    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway, it’s so generous!
    I’m a twitter, blog and Goodreads follower!

    1. You’re welcome, Kristi. Thanks for following! I love mah Hollows peeps, what can I say? And that’s so awesome that you’re a long time fan. I’ve been a fan since ’05 myself, though I admit it wasn’t insta-love until Rachel got caught in Trent’s office. That was just super fun to read. A Fistful of Charms is actually Kim’s second favorite, Pale Demon being her new favorite. That book was one of my least favorites, but I think I would put it before Book 7, though not by much. I just wasn’t a huge werewolf person at the time (no huge surprise being a VampireNovelFan), so I wasn’t as interested in their politics.

  44. My favorite book is Pale Demon. Trent is begining to grow on me and I really like how Al is turning out. I can’t wait to see what happens in A Perfect Blood and I will miss this series when it is over!

  45. Hi Erika!

    Thanks for doing this. I know my chance is slim but it doesn’t hurt to try! I followed your blog but I vowed to never get a twitter account so no can do in that department lol. I have been in love with the Hollows world since I first read Dead Witch Walking in middle school. Now I’m in college and it is still my favorite series of all time! Hmm favorite book in the series… that is a difficult choice but I would say Pale Demon. Kim showed us a whole different side of Trent AND Al. Also, the part where Jenks got kidnapped was hilarious! I love those tiny humanoids! I got teary eyes when Jenks’ wife died… She was so sweet and I wish there was a way Rachel could do to make her live longer. Overall, it was a great book. The story progressed so muchhh and I’m excited to read the next installment! I hope I win!

    1. Hi Therese! Thanks for dropping by and following in any way you can, haha. I was anti-Twitter too at a point, so I definitely understand. I’m so with you this it’s also my favorite series of all time. I will probably cry when this is all over! Interesting that you started reading this is middle school. It’s a little adult at times, no? Though I love that Kim doesn’t obsess over those scenes.

  46. So signed up for your blog. And thanks for the heads up from the fanfic area on fanfiction.
    That was great of you.

    My favorite book is a pale demon. Cause come on huge trent fan and that book had him coming out of every pore. I love him and his bad ways but when he is being good and friendly and saving the damsel in distress he is so adorable. Like he is doing you a favor when it really benefits him. Yet he will still be there when you need him.

    This is nice of you to do this giveaway.

  47. Oh, love a giveaway, and with my fav. heroine =)
    I´ve followed both Twitter and this blog, (@fr_larsson on Twitter)
    and keeping my fingers crossed!
    My favorite Hollows book (so far) is Pale Demon, i thought it was awesome and i´m a sucker for Trent. Can´t wait to see how it´ll progress in the next one.

    Best wishes & Happy Holidays!

  48. I’ve signed up to follow both blog and twitter.
    I can’t decide between Outlaw Demon Wails and Pale Demon. I enjoyed the first a lot but the second is still fresh in my mind and I gotta admit; I’m always ravenous when Trent joins the show ^_^

    1. Hahaha!! Can’t disagree with you Alison. I’m reading APB now and can’t help but smirk anytime he gets a mention. Rachel’s so bad sometimes, hehe. Thanks for following!

  49. Thank you so much for a chance at reading ‘A Perfect Blood’ sooner than the publication!

    I have to say my favorite of the books was ‘Every Which Way But Dead’. I felt that it was the first time that we saw how honorable Trent really is (and I believe it was the first step in getting rid of Jon aka the tall freak of nature!) sorry to all the Jon fans out there! I mean, Tren could have just left Rachel in the river to drown or freeze to death after she saved Trent from the wreckage of Lee’s boat. We also got to see a good side of Quen and the past connection between the kalamack and Morgan families.

    I have to say that as a Trench fan, ‘Pale Demon’ was a dream come true in several scenes. But my favorite still remains ‘Every Which Way But Dead’. I actually need to go get a new copy because mine is extremely worn out from how many times I’ve read it and I can directly quote it! I hope that we will see many more Trench moments in the upcoming ‘A Perfect Blood’!

    Once again, thank you so much for the chance to get this copy, even if I don’t win!

    – Ashley

    p.s. I’m following you on Twitter now (never used it so I don’t know if it will alert you or not) and my user name is Ashterbowden. 🙂

    1. AAAAH! I thought I was the only one that loved Book 3 the most (before Pale Demon though). I bought another copy of Book 3 too, but then I got the ebook as well, so I don’t have to buy another copy anymore, and now the paperback is in pristine condition. I agree with you about why it was so awesome, and then there was still Kisten so that was a huge bonus too. You just couldn’t go wrong in that book as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for following!

  50. Hi from Germany,
    just signed up for your blog and twitter 🙂

    I discovered the books pretty late, so I more or less the books up to Pale Demon in one sitting… so they are a bit hard to distinguish in my mind.
    I enjoyed Pale Demon a lot and basically just love any scenes between Rachel and Trent…


    1. Thanks for following, Nina! You’re lucky to have started them late. You aren’t stuck waiting year after year like the rest of us I started in ’05, so once I was caught up and had to wait year after year it became torture, lol.

  51. I signed up for your blog 🙂
    My favorite Hollows book is Pale Demon, because it brings Trent and Rach one step closer to being together. I’m completely in favor of a little Trench action! (or a lot) 😀 Fingers crossed to win the ARC of A Perfect Blood!

  52. Hi i’m flowing via email(anastasiya430264@mail.ru) and twitter as well 🙂
    I like most really enjoyed Pale Demon!
    Of course the best part about it was the Rachel/Trent interaction. I’ve been a fan of this couple since book one, only back then its seemed less likely that they would end up together. I loved how the characters evolved, they’ve come such a long way.Everyone in one way or another is growing in this book, even the demons. If in the past you pictured them only as these horribly evil beings, here you get to see them more “humanized” so to speak, yeah they are still dangerous, but you can can sympathize with them. I was also really happy that the Ivy/Rachel angst cooled off. I mean i love them both i really do, but its been 9 books of this light switch romance than wasn’t getting anywhere. I’m really glad Ivy decided to move one.
    The book honestly felt like a breath of fresh air, like the begging of something new and unknown.

    P.S.- oh and that kiss in the end!It was freaking awesome, i think it was the hottest one by far 🙂

  53. Hi Erika,
    Thanks for finding me via fan fiction.net! I didn’t know about your blog before and have signed up via email (tabularasa0608@gmail.com) and twitter @nicsha. It’s always good to find another Trench fan 🙂
    Picking a favorite book of the series was hard! I adore Pale Demon obviously, but I think I’ll pick The Good, The Bad and The Undead. I loved seeing the characters develop from the first book, seeing Nicks darker side, Piscarys influence over Kisten and Ivy, Ivy and Rachel’s relationship and a few good Trench moments. Who can forget the scene with Trent and Rachel on the bridge, where we find out a little more about their childhood summer camps. And the scene with Kisten in the lift 🙂 mmmmmmm!
    For me, this book cemented my love for the series – now the only thing that bothers me is the one year wait between books!

    1. No problem, Nicole. Thanks for following! The hour is near! Book 2 definitely started to rope me in a lot more. The scene on the bridge was very interesting and when we really saw Trent’s potential. I’d like to see him use his super speed a bit more myself.

  54. Hello Vampire Fan,

    Thanks for the heads up! I’m following your blog, I don’t have twitter.

    Anyways, my favorite is #9 Pale Blood, 3 guesses as to why I loved? LOL, you won’t need it!

    I loved the growth of the relationship of Trent and Rachel. I have to admit I never truly saw there “possible” relationship until farther into the series but I’m glad gave them a real effort in the last book.

    Merry Christmas!

  55. I signed up for the blog, I don’t do Twitter.

    Pale Demon is my favorite! I have wanted Trent and Rachael since book one and we finally got a little something in PD.

    1. Thanks, Autumn Leaves. Pale Demon was definitely amazing. I’ve liked it since book 1 too. At first I thought I was alone until I found Hollows fandom, haha.

  56. I signed up for both the blog and Twitter (ramblingspaz) on both.

    I think that Pale Demon has been my favorite so far. The reason being the buildup of the characters of the series, and the journey that Rachel has been on. We’ve learned so much about her character, and Kim has just opened the door to so much more.

    I’m looking forward to the next chapter in the series.

    Thanks for putting this together! Good luck to everyone!

    1. Thanks for following, ramblingspaz! I love Pale Demon for the exact reasons you said. And no problem for putting it together. I’m going to be sad to let it go, but I know it’ll make one of you guys really happy and I love my Hollows peeps.

  57. I signed up to follow your blog… cannot wait to read this one!! I think Pale Demon might just be my favorite, largely because there so Rachel-Gally time 😀 I love it when she embraces her demon self.
    Here’s hoping she doesn’t keep that cloaking bracelet on for too much of A Perfect Blood! *crosses fingers*

    1. Thanks for signing up! Unfortunately the giveaway ended last night, but I do plan to giveaway the hardcover when it’s out in February. Pale Demon is my favorite as well, though A Perfect Blood surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it nearly as much as I did. The next book is titled Ever After so I imagine there will be plenty of demon stuff going on with the plot there. Already I can’t wait for it!

  58. Hey, I signed up for your blog! This is really great! I’m glad others are as in love with Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, Al and Trent as I am.
    I don’t think I could actually pick just one book to be my favorite. The Hollows is the only series that can make me cry, laugh, become deliriously happy and want to break things all in one book. I found the Hollows early into my reading addiction so it holds a special place in my heart. It’s the only series I will buy when it comes out, spending the horrid hard cover price, I just can’t wait for it.
    I’m so ridiculously excited to find out what happens between Rachel and Trent 🙂

    1. Aww, Danielle I almost feel like I’m reading myself writing this! I feel the same as you. I started reading these book sin 2005, so this world is just ingrained in me and the wait between the books kills me! I already commented on your profile (didn’t know you checked this out already), but if you can vote on the poll, please do! Even if you choose other and then say you love them all. I love seeing a great solid representation of Hollows fans by the numbers.

      Unfortunately the giveaway ended on Monday for the ARC, but I will be giving away the hardcover in February along with other series. But if you’re like me, you’re going to want the hardcover that Tuesday, rofl. I’m so pressed about the Hollows that I will buy the ebook AND hardcover for myself! It’s the last series where I plan to collect them all in paper format. Unless it’s a reference text, ebooks are tons easier.

  59. I am a member of the blog. I love your books and my favorite was Pale Demon. I hate the price on the next book but will pay it.

    1. Pale Demon was totally the best…well until APB, lol. Now I don’t know which one I love more. In terms of the next book though I am doing a giveaway for a copy of the hardcover next month, so stay tuned!

  60. I’m following your blog now, and I’ve added you on my blog roll. Favorite Hollows book is a toughie. I think the last 3-4 have been freaking outstanding. I would say anything with a log of Big Al, was really good. If I had to pick I would say Black Magic Sanction.

    1. Thanks for joining! I guess I should get a blog roll going myself! I just want to get a scrolling one and right now I’m taking full advantage of wordpress.com’s free services :P. It’s great until you want to customize it with scripts. I’ve maximized it about as much as I can to personalize things, lol! I don’t think I’m doing half bad, lol. You should throw your vote in the bucket on my poll:

      BMS was a really good rebound in many parts from WWBC, but Pierce was barely tolerable. Honestly the only guys I care to read about in this series anymore are Trent, Al, and Jenks, lol.

  61. I just want to tell you that I’m all new to blogging and really loved you’re web-site. Most likely I’m likely to bookmark your website . You definitely come with remarkable articles and reviews. Kudos for revealing your website page.

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