A Family Affair – Okay, Pritkin’s Irresistable

John Pritkin - A Family Affair Cassie Palmer Cassandra PalmerOnly a couple of blog posts ago I was sort of ranting about this series and whether or not I would be able to keep going.  As much as its quirks get on my nerves, I can’t really see myself actually stopping and not seeing Pritkin’s story unfold.   While I do think Mircea has potential to be interesting, so far I don’t think the series is living up to it. Pritkin on the other hand remains shrouded in mystery and intrigue even as a lot of his background comes to light.   After reading his short story, I think I would love this series if it were primarily from his point of view.

The story itself is just okay for me, but it’s rare that novella’s are as compelling as a full novel.  What I really liked the most was the potential and getting a little taste of John’s world from his perspective and seeing how he juggles several responsibilties from his dedication to Cassie, his heritage, and his mission.  I would probably be a Cassie/Pritkin shipper more easily if it were from his point of view.   If you like the ship, I really don’t think you’re going to want to miss this one.  It’s just too bad Karen Chance has to follow the trend and keep her urban fantasy series from the female’s point of view.

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  1. I haven’t had a chance to read this yet (Oh but I will).When the series started, I was Mircea fan, hoping more would come to light with his character but it just didn’t happen.Pritkin is by far the most interesting character in the series(next to Marco).I loved the last book because of Pritkin and I will read the next book to just find out what happens to him.Great review

    1. When the series started I actually liked that first guy she was with…wow I’ve forgotten his name already (he was the roomate), but I did read his short story as well. It wasn’t as good as Pritkin’s.

      When I was reading your posts, I almost thought I was wrote it because we’re so in sync, haha. Have you read the Dorina books? I haven’t yet, but I plan to try them out at some point next year. I’ve got so many books in the queue as is.

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