Sea Lion Books Plug – Can’t help it

I’ve been fortunate enough to be an early reviewer for Sea Lion Books, so I have to say that they’ve consistently impressed me with the beautiful quality of their graphic novel adaptations.  I’ve been particularly impressed with several works from Storm Born to Pariah and now Hush, Hush. The wonderful artwork and distinctive styles make it really easy to immerse yourself into the world.   I’ve come across so many series where the production is so sub-par that I cannot invest in the story or the characters.  My rule of thumb: if you can’t make them look nearly as good as I imagine them in my head, then don’t even bother.  Keep it in written form.

Check out a recent interview with Becca Fitzpatrick, author of Hush, Hush:

I also recommend giving Storm Born and Pariah a look-see.  You can also download a wallpaper here

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