Sea Lion Books: Acquires Graphic Novel Rights to Critically Acclaimed Anne Rice


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Sea Lion Books

Acquires Graphic Novel Rights to Critically Acclaimed

Anne Rice


International Bestselling Author Anne Rice’s novel,

Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana, to become Graphic Novel.

International bestselling author Anne Rice’s critically acclaimed novel,
Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana, receives a graphic spin as newly
established publishing house, Sea Lion Books, acquires the worldwide rights
to this graphic novel publication. The novel will be adapted by the author
Anne Rice and comic creator Anne Elizabeth and will feature artwork by Siya
Oum. This graphic novel is scheduled for release in time for Easter 2012.

“Christ the Lord: the Road to Cana, I consider one of my personal
favorites,” said Rice. “The writing of it took less time than the research
because I feel driven to recreate authenticity in the narrative. The
characters must see what people saw in first century Palestine because I
want my readers to see the same. Any artistic effort short of that fails
not only for me but also for the actual figures I endeavored to recreate in
my novel. Today this work is being reinterpreted through the marvelous
medium of graphic novels. The visual imagery will give my characters a new
dimension that cannot be captured in words alone. Sea Lion Books will
translate The Road to Cana into a format that will do as I have done:
Recreate first century Palestine with the women and men who changed the
course of human history. The characters you know will be there — Jesus,
Mary, Joseph — in the rich colors and beautiful forms that only artists can
draw. This is going to be a thrilling adventure for my characters, for me,
and I think for you readers and viewers as well.”

The book is the second within a series dramatizing the life of Jesus Christ.
Based on the four Gospels, current New Testament research, and studies of
Jewish culture, Rice created and described the early stage in Jesus’ life
before his baptism in the Jordan and the miracle at Cana. Faced with a
winter of no rain, endless dust, and talk of trouble in Judea, Jesus must
confront his destiny. The book’s power derives from the profound feeling
Rice brings to the writing and the way in which she summons up the presence
of Jesus Christ.

“Working on such a spiritually beautiful book is a remarkable experience!
Not only is it an opportunity to work with brilliant storyteller Anne Rice
and talented artist Siya Oum, but it is a chance to explore my own faith,â€
said adapter Anne Elizabeth, whose graphic novel The Pendulum is also being
released by Sea Lion Books.

Derek Ruiz, Vice President and Publisher of Sea Lion Books, said, “It’s
honor to be working with Anne Rice, one of my all time favorite authors. We
at Sea Lion Books are excited to introduce the Christ the Lord series to the
Graphic Novel Market. Anne Rice and the Christ the Lord series are great
additions to the lineup we have been building at Sea Lion Books. With each
new announcement we continue to show that we want to bring quality stories
to the visual medium we love.â€

The full-color Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana graphic novel edition,
ISBN: 978-0-9836131-4-5, will be available April 2012 and will sell for
$24.99. For more information, please visit

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About Anne Rice:
One of America’s most read and celebrated authors, Anne Rice is known for
weaving the visible and supernatural worlds together in epic stories that
both entertain and challenge readers. Her books are rich tapestries of
history, belief, philosophy, religion, and compelling characters that
examine and extend our physical world beyond the limits we perceive. Anne
lives and works in California. Anne’s life experiences and intellectual
inquisitiveness provide her with constant inspiration for her work. You can
visit Anne Rice on the Internet at:

About Sea Lion Books:
Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Sea Lion Books LLC is a newly established
publishing house which specializes in all formats—hardcover, trade
paperback, and mass market and in urban fantasy and young adult genres. Sea
Lion Books LLC recent roster of authors include: International Bestselling
author, Paulo Coelho, New York Times Bestselling authors, Richelle Mead,
Richard A. Knaak and F. Paul Wilson, Becca Fitzpatrick, plus more to be
announced in the upcoming months.

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