Consistent quality in the second time around

Bagic Burns (Book 2 of the Kate Daniels Series) by Ilona Andrews

Magic Burns takes off more or less where book 1 left off. Kate’s still working for the Order, she’s still broke, and she’s still alone. She gets a new little friend in this book though.

I gotta say, normally when children are introduced into a series it sort of slows the pace of the book and takes away the swagger. But I can actually say I was more interested in her interactions with Julie than any of her fights with all of the super natural big bads. I really liked seeing Kate so dedicated to helping her, literally risking life and limb to see her reunite with her mother. She had a believable balance of distance with her, but I think it’s a great quirk to Kate’s character that she has an actual reason for wanting to be distant with people. It doesn’t feel contrived at all.

Bran was also a pretty cool character, and interesting frenemy of sorts. His banter and come ons to Kate were almost as entertaining as her interactions with Curran. If you’re a huge fan of Curran, you won’t see him too much in this book, but when he’s there, it’s eventful to say the least. Their interactions and courting etiquette make so much sense, haha. I seriously would have thought Kate would have been clued in on what he was doing since she’s so knowledgeable, but it’s cool. The moment was funny.

Again, I really like the angle chosen for the vampires in this series. It adds so much intrigue because you really want to know who navigates them.

Kate’s a wise-ass with a heart of gold, and wears bows on her panties. What’s not to love?

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  1. Wasn’t it great! I liked book one a lot but for me the series really started coming together in book 2 because she starts letting people in. I thought the world building was incredible and book one is a good book and necessary but I was HOOKED after book two. I’m with you, the kid thing can either detract or propel and for some reason it really worked for me. Maybe because julie was just as damaged emotionally as Kate and they actually were good for eachother. I can’t remember which book it is that she starts calling Julie “her kid” but I almost welled up the first time I saw that. (jeez, i’m pathetic)
    I’m a stepmom so for me it is really important to see examples of people in literature who aren’t the birth parents, who risk everything for a kid they choose to love, so I don’t feel totally excluded.
    Great review as always.

    1. Thank you. I definitely like what you’ve said regarding her bonding with Julie. It’s not always about blood. It’s about heart. And it’s great to see both of them gravitating towards each other.

    1. Oh you lucky folk who can read it early! Is there a special place where you can request it like net galley? It hasn’t arrived to my kindle yet. Waaaah! I’m glad there’s something good to look forward to! I’m hoping to have read all of Mercy Thompson before I crack open Magic Slays since I’d rather not break the series if I can. I should be finished with Book 3 tomorrow! It’ll be cutting it close.

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